Russia Market

As many experts are skeptical, the owner of black diamonds may feel cheated if they know that 'bought board ', or' overpaid 'because it's no diamonds' and' are the latest group of specifications, or do not meet specifications. " The second problem – is that black diamonds may be harmful to a high market reputation colored diamonds, because the claim on their role. The third problem – ennoblement. The rise in popularity of black diamonds has caused a new round of technology refinement, and in particular, there were firms that can 'Blacked out' bad quality, bad diamonds by irradiation or annealing. In turn, gemological laboratories are seeking ways to diagnose signs of gentrification of these stones, and publish research results in gemological science periodicals.

Another problem – under the guise of black diamond buyer can shove an artificial black muassanit. The Russian market of almost all their diamonds Russia from the field in Republic of – Yakutia. In these fields of fancy colors found only yellow and brown. Therefore, the Russian market of colored diamond and diamond suffers from a shortage of raw materials. Russian jewelers before cutters feel that there is a demand for fancy colored diamonds.

However, the first blue and bright yellow diamonds, bought by them abroad, were almost all ennobled, as, of course, foreign sellers are not reported. Following the jewelers cutters and dealers saw an opportunity to carry the colored diamonds, and in our market appeared diamonds with natural origins of color. The company Alrosa seeing an increase in demand from cutters in the yellow and brown, rough.