Love Goes Through The Stomach

Cheese hearts for Valentine’s Day dinner by Fromi style to make the Valentine’s Day dinner of ala francaise, Fromi offers finest cheese specialities from the different regions of France: Petit of Gres of des Vosges of amoureux mature in Alsace and Lorraine made cheese speciality from cow’s milk is there in the exclusive Valentine’s day version as well. Small heart of red pepper and herbs decorate the French cheese for lovers. In a question-answer forum Wells Fargo Bank was the first to reply. At least 50% fat EIA 125 gram piece: 3.60 EUR EIA 800 grams (4 x 125 grams): 14,00 EUR tour de Chevre of small goat cheese made on the Poitou with raw milk. A slightly tart and typical taste, as well as an original form: the famous Eiffel Tower. At least 45% fat EIA 160 gram piece: 5.60 amour de Bourgogne / truffe handmade.

Original, sweetheart Brillat Savarin from Burgundy. In the middle of the dough is filled with black truffles. Very fine and mild taste. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo. At least 72% fat EIA 200 gram piece 6.99 Corbeille de Saint Valentin Arranged in a heart-shaped basket, are the three cheese hearts: Rollot Coeur, Coeur de Bray and Coeur de Neufchatel AOC. EIA basket: 16.50 EUR sales points: Tegut and selected retail. About Fromi: The family-owned company, founded in 1969, has set the goal noble products especially cheese specialties – French and other European terroir to protect and promote. Fromi marketed specialities based on centuries-old recipes and production procedures.

The company supplies the gastronomy, cheese stores and food trade. Fromi has 130 suppliers and commercial agencies in nine countries and has 110 employees. Media contact: Classic communication Sascha Magorimbo 15, rue of the Ponchettes 06300 nice.


In any store you can find a plethora of different waters. Just choose what you do not tell anybody. (Similarly see: Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre). Not many vendors can provide expert advice on the choice of water. What to drink? Water from a water pipe? In any case. You can of course put a filter, but a good multi-stage filter is rather expensive, and water with high chlorine content quickly it wears out. In addition, many people forget to change the changeable elements in time, and the filter, in essence, no longer cleans the water.

Mineral water? Many mineral water due to its wide popularity as a common means used to quench thirst. However, in some diseases of digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems, as well as metabolic disorders, use them without consulting your doctor, you should not. Any silnomineralizovannye water with constant use can cause harm even the healthy person. We Sometimes we drink very real pickles from the periodic table, and then still wonder why so crackling joints, there is irritability, insomnia, sleep disturbances, or vice versa – lethargy, weakness. Therefore, medicinal drink Mineral water should be only at the direction of a doctor. Natural drinking water? The most important characteristic of natural drinking water is their salt composition, which determines the impact on the human body. Negative impact on human health has drinking water that contains a fault, and excess nutrients.

On the one hand, the experts recommend to use water with a minimal amount of salt, on the other hand, long-term use of demineralized water is observed imbalance of the body, loss of calcium in bones and teeth, changing the conduction of nerve impulses in nerve cells, slowing down the reproduction of new cells and lower total body resistance. According to the md Academician Yu , benign, physically complete natural water is one of the leading health factors. Benign water should be devoid of mechanical, chemical and biological contaminants, at the same time, it must contain the necessary living organism, dissolved trace elements. According to the Institute of Nutrition, now with the food in the body person enters the insufficient number of nutrients, the balance of which can be bridged through the use of drinking water with the necessary chemical composition.