How to take care of your finances this theme which is usually talk every moment turns out to be the our daily bread, since it is well known by all, the economic situation of the country is not the most relevant at the moment, so it is vital to know and implement some strategies to ensure that our money is not how they say how salt and water!. The finances of people every day are more difficult to maintain controlled, if we add to this that for late 2008 inflation exceeds 30%, without counting in addition what little attraction that is currently having our money in the Bank since interest rates are not the most attractive now. According to recommendations from experts in the field ideally we could save 10% of our income, but that is sometimes more difficult, not impossible. You can begin making an expenditure budget and gradually reduce those expenses that prove to be unnecessary. For example we can start with our personal expenses, as in the case of the plans to which we subscribed in cell phones, see which feasible is to have it and if it is very expensive we can consider one more economical as the prepayment, the same can be done with the cable system, which sometimes we have the most expensive and not maximize it, since we only use a few channels. Another aspect in which we can save is when making meals out of our home, which can get to represent excessive spending if this is done too often, this situation can we decrease these outputs, only twice a month, and try to eat something at home before leaving, the same often happens with clothes shopping, and accessories, it will buy clothes of good quality which guarantee its durability in time, which is would be saving a significant amount of money. Likewise it is important that if we have the possibility of acquiring real estate is done, Since these are revalued over time and allow you to recoup the investment, the same applies to vehicles. As all good principle is more important to reduce expenses that increase revenue, why once we consciously review in that we are spending more to begin to find different savings alternatives, such is the case of the brokerage houses which are savings plans that conform to different budgets. Most importantly, try as much as possible to save the long-awaited 10% of our monthly income, and if possible do not borrow more than what our capacity to pay allows it, as do for example possible to cancel if our case credit cards debts, since as it is known how interest rates are located in 33% currently, and this may generate excessive spending in our revenues and make that our monthly budget is affected as every crisis tends to be passed, and most importantly, to create awareness of the importance saving and controlling our costs, and learn that every crisis brings changes that is in us to do that these are positive and to be in our benefit.