Agricultural Man

But in this historical context of the movements agrarian in Brazil in the indians had been alone who had suffered, but also blacks, ' ' between them you vary forms that the blacks had to fight against an oppression system, one of most significant was the formation of quilombos, the quilombos were resistance places negra' ' (commission, 1986). But we must attenuate for the MST, therefore this is the movement of great social spread that beyond the fight transforms of concise form the space and the Brazilian territory. This movement of the agricultural workers without land, the MST, was established in Rattlesnake, Paran in 1984. During the first national meeting of the agricultural workers without-land and this period until today the movement comes acting and trying to change a reality where the man of the field lives. The fight of the MST is a fight of all, therefore the citizens must know to define and to evaluate the historical process that occurred in Brazil and to verify ' ' descontrole' ' of the land ownership in Brazil of many lands at the hands of so few and almost nothing with the workers who really necessary of it to live. As in Ariovaldo speaks to them. ' ' The territorial organization is a fertile field for the discovery of these inheritances of the past. The unjust agrarian structure of the country always is related to the sesmaril system that invigorated in others tempos' '.

(ARIOVALDO, 1996, P. 23) In this direction it is not cabvel to criticize the agricultural movements, in special the MST. Without knowing the history of Brazil and the agrarian Movement. History that always was marked by the injustice in the Brazilian territory since the occupation for the colonizadores. What he is the Agricultural Man? To have access the land, the right to cultivate it to create mechanism of subsistence and if to insert as social man and with full rights of citizen, the man of the field has to have its guaranteed rights.

Team Inhabitants

The data below of (graphical 01) point the vandalism as the activity that more occurs in that locality tied up to with physical aggression (both with 30%). This collection is random in the direction to identify the types of violence without taking in account the period and the day of the occurred fact. Graph 01: Research with inhabitants and traders on the type of present violence in the Beautiful Brown Square in Serrinha – of May the June of 2010 Elaboration: Team, 2010. Still on the research with inhabitants and traders, it was registered sonorous pollution as form of violence for if dealing with a disrespect to the welfare state. According to Interviewed 1A, ' ' the vandalism most of the time, is practised by lesser infractors that, in search of food and alms ' ' perturbam' ' the traders and its clientela' '.

After to interview the inhabitants and traders in the direction to reach the objectives of the present research, they had been collected given disponibilizados for the Military Policy of Serrinha by means of police occurrences in the year of 2008 where the homicide attempt appears with 60% of frequency following of assault and battery with 20%. However, he perceives yourself that, by means of (graphical 1 and 2), the same phenomena are gifts in the stories of the inhabitants and the registers of the policy therefore, is about occurrences that if become public not only for inhabitants and traders as agents of public security and the population in general. Graph 02: Comparative police occurrences in the city of Serrinha? 2008 Elaboration: Team, 2010 In 2009, the type of violence that more occurred in Serrinha, had been physical aggression that appears as more frequent act (with 55% of the occurrences), followed of assault and battery with 25% and in third place robbery with 5%.conforme given demonstrated in graph 3.