Following Dryer

Nozzle is used for styling curly hair and hair with a perm. "Fingers" located on the disk may be of different length, repeating the relief of the head. "Fingers" as a rule have a rounded shape, they are hollow and have holes along its length, thus creating a dispersion of the hot jet, the direction it curls, rather than on the scalp. For short hair dryers, brushes designed to both dry and style your hair, give hair volume. To create the curls There are air-electro with hot air output of 200 watts, such models are usually staffed by two or three types of nozzles. Most dryers are available with capacity from 1000 to 2000W. topic.

Large capacity dryer suggests better styling, but short haircuts usually do not require high-power hair dryer. The advantage of high-power devices is that the stronger the blower, the lower the temperature may be. Hair after perms, as well as weak or thin should not be laid in hot mode, for such hair, choose a model with multiple thermal regime. When buying a hair dryer, note the convenience – to keep the hair dryer was convenient in hand to the rotation dryer wire is not twisted, it is convenient to have the following buttons switch to dryer was not very noisy and not very heavy. It is also convenient if the hair dryer is a loop for hanging. Note having had a hair dryer filter. Hair dryer operates on a vacuum cleaner, sucking in air. Together with air it can suck in your hair, dust, fine dirt.