Florence Ledworuski

French franchise partner acquires master franchise license for all over France that Ukrainian franchise made partners of the Mortimer English clubs it already some time ago ago: started first on the Kiev your partnership limited but the success was not long in coming and so the partners decided unanimously: now we want to take the whole Ukraine in attack “.” “Inspired by this example now also the French moved to Florence Ledworuski: In 2010 it signed first a master franchise agreement for the region of Ile de France”, which stretches around the capital city of Paris. Her success did not go unnoticed and so Mrs Ledworuski got numerous requests from franchise prospects from across the country. The logical consequence: Mrs Ledworuski acquired the master franchise license for the entire country and is now now able to take their own franchisees in all France under contract. A challenge to looking you with much enthusiasm. The entire team of Mortimer of course delighted the decision by Ms. Ledworuski and wishes you all the best for their future tasks. What the success stories clearly show in France and the Ukraine: through the flexibly structured concept of Mortimer English club is the franchise partners at any time, to expand its area of application and thus to expand within their own country an attractive and profitable opportunity to build his own dream of self-employment piece by piece. If you are interested in a franchise partnership in the country or abroad, then connect with us! For more information see: