Paid Capital

2 ) Get rid of debts. Once adjusted the costs, it is time do away with debts. Do ever had curious about interests being paid that loan or that credit card that took out to buy plasma TV or that vehicle that do you have parked at the door of House? Do this exercise. Maybe you discover that if it would have saved that money more interest being paid, possibly I would have been able to buy it cash. 3 ) Paid to yourself. So.

Every month, of total income has been achieved, pay yourself 10% of what you enter devoting it to a reserve fund for emergencies. The amount of this Fund must be at least equivalent to what would be required to live for 6 months without generating any income. This will serve for any incident that may arise: own illness or a family member, loss of job, any catastrophe, hopefully never have to make use of it!, but should be there. 4 Th) believes its financial funds. If you already have your Emergency Fund, it can be considered safe, or at least enjoys some security before any unforeseen event. Now, that 10% that had been allocated to the emergency fund destine it to create your financial background. Accumulate capital to multiply it by making investments that make a profit.

You don’t have to wait to accumulate a great capital. It’s enough to start with a financial background equivalent to 1,000 $ USA. When you reach this number, follow devoting 10% of revenue to this Fund. Do not miss the discipline. 5 ) Grow your money. When they have their first 1,000 $ USA on his financial background, you will know that it is time to begin to multiply them. Congratulations!. You are on the right track towards financial freedom. Start with small businesses. With practice and knowledge may be increasing its capital and facing investments that require one larger capital. Be wise, learn about finance and business, and analyze the opportunities that are presented. On the blog can develop and learn these and other concepts about personal finance as well as access fresh information of the current economy in Mexico.