Sushi-Making Business

There are four main types. First – nigiridzusi. These are small rice balls (for each charge as much rice as you can eat at one time, hence the name of nigiri, which means "handful"), and smeared with a sharp horseradish wasabi, with slices of raw fish or other seafood. Nigiridzusi usually eat with their hands, so the loaf makes it very resilient, so as not to fall apart. By nigiridzusi usually served shoyu, pickled ginger and sliced hot green tea.

The second type – makidzusi – rice loaf stuffed (with fresh cucumber and tuna), which is wrapped in a thin leaves of dried nori seaweed. Third – osidzusi (hakodzusi). This figure, laid in a small wooden box and decorated from top to fish. Fourth – tirasidzusi. In this case the rice is laid on a plate and sprinkled with bits of seafood, omelets and vegetables. We must, of course, mention that in almost every area has its own recipes for this dish. Sushi is eaten everywhere in the taverns and restaurants, bought the house.

Can do themselves. Making sushi – this is art. Must undergo annual training to properly prepare this dish. No wonder the sushi is an entire industry, which employs over 20 thousand people. Many artists of this dish is hereditary. Criterion for evaluating the skill – modeling. Ideally, each ball must leave no more than three seconds, which should make three pressing movements, to catch each time turning the rice a lot. The motions are verified to automatism, and as a result of being a lump between the toes should last, not breaking up just ten seconds.