All these applications or tools are useful and world practice for any company, and their bases are feasible to adapt to all types of organization, its basic principle is the cultural transformation, founded with a focus on high quality, efficiency and continuous improvement. Action No. 11. Eliminate intermediaries. Direct contact with customers gives companies the possibility of knowing the consumer, besides that you can get immediate and truthful information. Intermediaries shall not be required if you begin to market their products via the Internet. The advantages of this type of marketing will be the speed of response and the direct service that you can offer your consumers.

Action No.12. Support to its consumers on their problems. Service, in addition to response capacity that you have with their consumers, will be the elements that generate loyal customers that underpin the success of your company. One of the best ways to support its consumers and customers is through the Internet, a medium that allows the person concerned to solve their problems. The assertion that information is source of enterprise development becomes evident and palpable, and its importance with the implementation of digital technologies, therefore we must not be apart from the advances in information technology. The successes and failures of our companies, indicate that unremitting efforts should concentrate on systematically implement flexible goals, strategies and system integrators must unite. We must understand that customers are the evaluators of the quality because they have the power to select which products or services must be purchased, and that the actors of this scenario are our workers. The quality of a product or service is the result of a process that integrates to all members of the Organization of design, development, production, marketing and technical assistance since its sale and until the end of its useful life, including final disposal.