Legally Eliminate LLC

Consider the process of liquidation of the company as an example the elimination Ltd. – the most common legal form of legal entity. Official Official liquidation liquidation Ltd. llc – is an exception from the company unified state register of legal entities (Incorporation), the cancellation of all the constituent documents, an audit of the tax inspectorate and the various funds, deposit of the instrument and the destruction of the press. In If a decision to eliminate llc founders have a liquidation committee, or appoint a liquidator, to approve the procedure and terms of liquidation company and notify the tax office, in which the firm was registered.

The tax authority shall issue a notice of finding a company in liquidation and to make appropriate entry in the Incorporation. After that, the liquidation commission shall publish a notice of liquidation llc the media, stating the your contact information and deadlines for claims. In addition, the commission shall notify all creditors of the liquidation company, and then sends in his tax office about the elimination. Further, the commission dealing with the liquidation of company applying for deregistration and requesting an inspection company in the state inspection of Taxation and extra budgetary funds. Inspected registered firms, issued a decision on the harmonization of the interim liquidation balance sheet – on the basis of this document covers the company bank accounts and destroy the seal. After all the above procedures liquidation committee shall submit the documents – acts of tax and funds to conduct audits, act to destroy the press, the transfer of documents for storage, help from the banks to close accounts, the liquidation balance sheet – to the tax authority to register a company. After considering the proposal the tax records of Incorporation to eliminate llc gives the founders and an extract from the register. Official elimination llc takes about six months.

Cost formal liquidation llc law firm is not less than 30,000 rubles.

Russia State

On behalf of virtual “president” were made very sensible thoughts on the changing situation in Russia: “My goal – to force authorities to serve his people. Make the officials are not lords, but servants of their people! The people of Russia dies, this can not be tolerated! Cause of extinction – the chronic poverty of the population. And this despite the fact that Russia is the richest country in the world! The reason for this shameful poverty that we can not establish the activity of our state as a successful governance structure. Apparatus of the state today, incredibly hyped, over every officer is an overseer, the overseer of the two, three, can not continue!

All these people have nothing produce, they sit on the neck and the worker at the same time he ordered about in all spheres of life from birth to death. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. You know that I have already initiated the decline of state structures, but more something that happens – “them in the door, but they are out the window” growing bureaucracy in the regions and on the ground. People at work do not want to work today, riding achievements in life was belonging to the bureaucracy, the proximity to the public purse. That authority, and benefits, and state guarantees, and guaranteed good salaries, and administrative resources, as well corruption income! In this way we eat ourselves, we do not evolve as a country, not to increase its power and wealth. What do? Labor officials shall be subjected to careful review to determine its feasibility and the need for the society at a particular place! If necessary and useful – the honor and praise, worthy wages and government guarantees..

Supreme Court

And now – the answer. The first thing they told me that I remember (), That I have to handle it. And second, that even if I have private and personal property in the area to compete with akimat very difficult, it's fifty-fifty. Surprised at these words, I came out of the room for lawyers, empty-handed, then there is no result in the loss. A perplexed that's why. As a performing certain duties, to attend meetings of the Supreme Court of the Republic of as a defendant instead of the retired vice chairman of the village council. It was about the claims in the service apartment the husband of his wife, who left her with a baby in the Caucasus to the mother. In the Caucasus, a young mother with a baby lived a year or more.

During this time the husband got a new, official site for its new service. A former utility worker was allocated to the family of a kindergarten that same institution. Attending the hearing. The Chairman asked for a new owner of the apartment: "Have you ever gone in an apartment that something happened?". She sincerely replied: "No, nothing, only the old unwanted children's clothes" Then the Supreme Court makes a decision, action to meet the service apartment, a warrant to write officer's spouse. Presiding turns to me and says, "And you'll remember for the rest of life that private property is inviolable, including children and old things. They are also private property, and issuance of a document to the apartment to another person illegally.

Municipal Employment

There are also several transactions that are exempt from vat, for example, exports of goods outside the Czech Republic. For businesses operating in the implementation of food products, as well as for construction organizations construction of residential complexes, the vat rate is 9% for all other types of companies, products and services, interest rate of vat is 19%, from 2008 onwards. vat return filed during the 25-and days after the end of the tax period. In the case where the legal entity or entrepreneur is the owner of the vehicle, he must register as a payer of road tax in the tax inspection. The amount of tax depends on the specific weight of the car and engine size. For most cars the road tax does not exceed 4000 euros per year. In the case where the legal entity or entrepreneur owns Real Estate in the Czech Republic, he is obliged to be registered as a payer of property tax in the tax office. The amount of tax depends on the total area, height, method of use and Accessories property to a particular locality. Tax on real estate in the Czech Republic practically does not burden the budget of the entrepreneur. Taxes on payroll is calculated and paid only if available Legal Entity employees (individuals) officially carried out and the roster Municipal Employment in the Czech Republic. Rate health tax is 13.5% rate of social tax is 34% Rate income tax is 15%. Deadlines for annual accounts identified the end of March, the year following the reporting period. Payment of taxes from payroll can monthly or quarterly. Other taxes paid quarterly. Terms of monthly or quarterly tax payment indicated in the data entity for registration with the tax office, or on the basis of the application management entity in the financial bodies. In accordance with the services provided by our company are highly qualified economists to give you an annual, asset management activities of your entity. Consultation on services and their conditions, you can find out by calling us. Read the latest news and useful information for foreigners in the news website of our company.