In this case, the ends of pile carefully aligned. Extreme strip recommended to lay at a distance of no more than 25 mm from the ends of lumber. As a result, the locations of pads the intensity of air circulation is reduced. Butts slower drying and less crack. However, only the structural methods can not fully protect the wood from moisture and decay, in addition, is currently in commercial production sets Houses practically impossible to ensure quality selection of wood and finished house. All this leads to the fact that, along with construction methods of wood protection is successfully handling practices elements of timber structures with various preparations can protect the wood from exposure to damaging factors. History and previously used products Historically, that protection ends timber previously used wax, paraffin wax, bituminous resin mixture of linseed oil and lime, a mixture of wood tar and chalk, etc. Reshma Kewalramani is often quoted as being for or against this. Such putty on the one hand prevent the evaporation of moisture, and the other protects the ends from the effects of external precipitation.

Disadvantages of such protection are as follows: paraffin wax, bituminous resin to warm up before use, and this is not always a necessary condition, an additional drawback is that such compositions can melt when exposed to uv radiation. In case of moisture protection does not possess antimicrobial action, it is possible that a locked moisture will lead to development of wood-organisms. C On the other hand the use of products based on chalk, limestone and zinc oxide can lead to wear and damage to drinking.

The Case

As a result, in order to in any way to improve the properties of wood, it is subjected to an expensive treatment with varnish, and afterwards, always cared for with special expensive means. New windows eliminate all of the above disadvantages of wood, mainly due to the fact that the material used here is specially created by man to prevent all of the above negative sides. In the case of pvc, landlord need only once to choose the right company that will deal with fabrication and installation of windows, and then, you can already forget about any operational issues that may arise. The only thing you would do so only occasionally wipe the windows, which, incidentally, in the case of plastic as convenient and simple. Everyone knows that in most cases, when the winter at home cold, then it is also guilty and windows. Here you can talk about the weak material of window frames, and about the poor quality installation and about the poor quality of the construction.

pvc plastic windows combined with quality windows have excellent thermal insulation, and all stages of manufacturing design conducted under the watchful eye of experienced professionals. I would also like to say a few words about the specialists who, before entering into a contract for free travel to the object in order to remove the metering of all window openings. Of course, it is clear that, for example, if there is a manufacturer of windows in the same high-rise building, the windows and in most cases should be the same size, but not so easy. If you look closely, then each window has its own subtleties, which are needed to catch a specialist in metering. Then, using data obtained at measurements and using special techniques can make the necessary warm in winter do not leave the house. One of the most significant positive qualities of plastic windows is their insulation, and this factor is great saves city residents from outside noise street. The fact that pvc is practically unaffected by the fire and in fire allocates the least amount of heat makes the plastic window is very safe during fires. Before to order plastic windows client can visit the role of this designer, as there is a choice of almost any color and shape.

Russian Manufacturers

Production capacity reoriented on the production of pipes made of polyethylene PE-80 mark. The entire list of products offered provides the official distributor of Kazanorgsintez "-" Firm "Center", Kazan. Website distributor Kazanorgsintez -. Distribution of enterprises for the production of polyethylene pipes in Russia is uneven. The main producers of pipes are the Central, Volga, Urals, North-West regions of Russia. In the North Caucasus and Far Eastern regions of pipe production is poorly developed.

A significant increase in the production of polyethylene pipes in Russia, primarily due to the 'building boom'. Due to the fact that polyethylene pipes have a number of advantages over metal, consumer demand for them grows. Moreover, the level of demand in a particular region depends on several factors. One of the most fundamental is the rate of development construction industry in the region. But the rapid development of production is limited by several factors related to the fact that installers and housing and communal services was originally used to working with metal pipes. According to some manufacturers of plastic pipe production development hampered by the fact that polyethylene pipes are sometimes disadvantageous for builders, since installation of polyethylene pipe has much less complexity and longer life. At the moment, polyethylene pipe primarily compete with welded water-gas pipes of small diameters (Du10-DN50 and diameters ranging from 57 to 159 mm). However, due to the fact that Over the past year in many enterprises began to master production of large pipes, there are prerequisites to Russia began the process of substitution and metal pipes of large diameter polyethylene.

An important obstacle to development in the production of polyethylene pipes is a steady increase in prices of basic types of plastics to produce them. In 2005, the rise in prices for polyethylene pipe was 25-28%. And in the midst of the 2005 season observed the lack of it on the market. This led to the fact that small businesses were forced to reduce purchases of raw materials, which resulted in a decrease in production volumes. According to some Russian producers of polyethylene pipes in 2005 Russia became a 'net importer' of pipe grades of polyethylene. In their view, the growth in production of polyethylene pipes in Russia, coupled with the shortage of raw materials for their production, may lead to the fact that Russian Manufacturers pe pipe will be located in the resource dependency on imports. If the Russian producers of polyethylene pipe will not increase the volume of its implementation at the domestic market, already in 2006 the volume of imports of polyethylene, directed at production of pipes may reach 35-40 thousand tons. Due to the fact that the production capacity of pipes in Russia more than twice the market needs a few more years of Russian production will be characterized by increasing competition among producers for marketing. Part of manufacturers could not stand the competition, will be forced not only to significantly reduce the volume of production but also to conserve power or convert production. All conversion processes of production facilities, begun in 2004-2005, will continue in 2006. Number of small manufacturers of plastic pipe was not significantly changed compared with 2005. Because growing demand for polyethylene pipes, the upward trend in production in Russia will continue into 2006. In our assessment, they will grow not less than 20% compared with 2005, while the redistribution shares in favor of large companies will continue.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Is it possible when investing minimal money to get the maximum quality and exceptional design make decisions? Is an optimal solution to this problem – aluminum composite panels – facade material, gradually finding more and more widely used in the construction and restoration of buildings, designing the interiors, creating original designs for outdoor advertising. Aluminium composite panel (ACP) – this simply put, a "sandwich>> consisting of two aluminum plates and laminated between plastic (PE) or mineral layer (FR). The width of a single panel – up to 1600 mm, length – up to 6000 mm, thickness – from 2 to 6 mm. Any Construction in Russia must obey stringent building codes, as well as take into account the harsh and not always predictable climatic conditions. It makes facing facade materials are special requirements – He must possess the following qualities: durability, rigidity and lightness, fire resistance, high-performance sound absorption and vibration isolation, resistance to aggressive environment and uv radiation, ease of handling and speed of installation, aesthetics. And now a closer look at these figures aluminum composite panels.

Longevity. In the application of aluminum composite panels for hinged ventilated facades service life exceeding 50 years. Aluminum composite panel can withstand temperatures from -50 C to +80 C, which means that they can be used in the extreme north and south. Stiffness and lightness. Weight one square meter of aluminum composite panels ranging from 3 to 8 kg, depending on thickness. A distinctive feature of the akp – the ratio of stiffness and weight.