Lecture by PR and social media consultant Markus Walter Taunus connection e.v., Wiesbaden, 12.05.2010. Social media in business-to-business”is the theme of the next club night of the Taunus connection in Wiesbaden, Germany on Monday, June 7th 2010 Markus Walter, Managing Director of PR agency Walter Visual PR GmbH, gives an overview of the most important social media applications such as blogs, Twitter, XING, YouTube and Facebook in his presentation. He called facts and figures from recent studies on the use of known networks. On the basis of best-practice examples illustrated the PR and social media consultant, how to make use of the respective channels in the business-to-business. Walter suggests, for example, for social media strategies in the marketing, sales, customer care or even personnel recruiting.

Markus Walter deals with his PR team for more than two years with social media trends in the press work. He holds in-house workshops and lectures at several training providers on this subject. In March of this year published his first book of how to like 1 x 1 Press relations”. The event of the Taunus connection e.V. begins at 19:00 at the Hotel Orange, flat road. The club night is designed as an open event. A registration is required.

For advance information to the end of the evening Bernd Hansemann, 2nd Chairman Taunus connection e.V. under 0700 / TaunusCon can be contacted. More than 50 members of the Taunus connection e.V. are entrepreneurs and executives from all industries. The Economic Club is for the mutual promotion and support of its members and has written on the flags themselves, to build sustainable relationships. The Board is committed to the target, to recruit more members, as well as to continue the dialogue between the members. The Association invites regular club nights, which can become acquainted the participants and exchanging both business and private. Taunus connection e.V.: Taunus connection is as a business club since 2002. The club meets with over 50 members from all sectors participate regularly in every first Monday in the month at Hotel Orange, Wiesbaden. High-profile guest speakers and intensive networking are the regular programmes of the popular club nights. The Association sees itself as a driving force of the economy and relies on the mutual promotion and support its members. Furthermore the Association for charitable organisations in the region of Rhine Main/Taunus is involved.