Broadband Expansion

New range of information on the State of the broadband expansion in the District of Harz Wernigerode started, 04.02.2011: with the broadband wiki newly launched a few weeks ago the HarzOptics GmbH wants to offer interested citizens and citizens of the District of Harz, at the address a comprehensive information platform on the topic of broadband expansion. Here, the current state of broadband expansion for every place – can be found on the home page about alphabetizing or the mapping to municipalities and cities – you can ask for. How many households are there and what proportion is still deficient of it? What network speeds were identified in the sampling measurements of the BreitbandZentrums? The place is a funding application eligible – and if so, was already? Already approved funding amounts – and where expanding what company? With the broadband wiki, we hope to be able to meet the wish of many citizens, about the State of the broadband project in their place of residence to quickly and easily inform”, so at the moment we are Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer-Hirchert, Managing Director of HarzOptics GmbH. many local data sheets, which is why the wiki is still not complete and probably also still not healthy. Hyundai is actively involved in the matter. Nevertheless wanted to we us it already ‘public dare’ to all users the chance to give, to participate in the further development of the platform with their wishes and ideas. Critical comments, enhancement requests and other suggestions are therefore of course also welcome us.” The individual site data sheets have an own URL and can be therefore link or send by E-Mail. A commenting about the comments or errors can be complemented, is also available. As the traffic and the comments already received and requests show, the new platform encounters an enjoyable interest shortly after their release. Suggestions for improvement and suggestions for the under, further expansion of the platform may be submitted at any time.

LTE – Mobile At Least As Fast On The Road As At Home

The new data standard allows mobile broadband to the country LTE was at this year’s IFA in Berlin one of the top topics at the present mobile operators, such as for example the Telecom and Vodafone. And in fact, this new technology allows a tremendous progress in mobile communication. LTE stands for “long term evolution”. This technology is a sensational development of the current UMTS/HSPA networks. Especially in times of smartphones and Netbooks, this performance was extremely important, because especially mobile surfers benefit grandiose transfer speeds with LTE. So are download speeds in part at up to 100 MBit / s. So go incredibly fast uploads and downloads of files and Web pages.

Impatient waiting for necessary information may belong to the past so. At the same time now Smartphone and NetBook owners can take advantage of now actually all possibilities of their device. Whether it now to surf, stream videos, download music files, or perhaps even the mobile participation Video conferencing or watching TV for days out, with LTE, it is easily possible in top quality. Picture transmission are uniquely brilliant, downloads find rapidly instead – so how this is used mostly with their home PC. Often even faster.

Clear, especially for online gamers the LTE technology is ideal, with its incredibly fast data transfer so that gaming on the go is fun. In business, you benefit from the independence to have his work while on the road – without performance constraint. This enormously simplifies the work-life ballance. The LTE availability is currently expanded by Telekom, Vodafone and O2 to date with high pressure. This technology is already widely used in urban areas. There will be a coverage in up to three years. For example, Vodafone announced at the ITB that she wants to have supplied as soon as possible at least 5 million people, the Telekom wants to make available by the end of the LTE in more than 100 cities. Currently, develop and optimize Mobile service provider also for matching LTE tariffs, often in combination with local rates for the fixed network. Here then are the data rates. And a surf flat with a comprehensive inclusive volume is usually completely. Only a high-quality Smartphone, a NetBook with surf-stick or with the possibility of a direct involvement of the SIM card are required. LTE – Mobile at least so quickly on the road to home press contact: mobile LTE Christian Rieber strap Karaye 24 89584 Ehingen 0163 / 1749146 Mobile LTE Internet informed you up-to-date developments and news in the new mobile communications standard LTE (long term evolution). In addition to the LTE also the appropriate hardware is formatted open and currently editorial availability and rates for you.