Advertising Voice

According to Igor Hendriksen of Adfortel, Telenor platform allows the company to demonstrate Adfortel and advertise the product – advertising voice – within the Telenor Group. "It is obvious that the integration is quite simple, when it is based on SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol). This allows a relatively low implementation costs and ensure rapid implementation. Our goal – adequate response to the needs of customers, but at the same time we try to look ahead. Working with a professional platform Telenor, we are demonstrating their willingness to support further development of the service. " The patented product enables operators to introduce the so-called supplementary services to create new source of revenue from the sale of media products and advertising to target groups of consumers with relevant proposals of this group.

Voice ads – this is a commercial audio products, which replaces the standard ringing waiting for a call during the waiting period the connection. Once the call is carried out, the conversation begins, as usual. Thereby optimizing the use of waiting time. Consumers who use voice ads can save money on monthly phone bills. About Adfortel Company Adfortel develop and implement mobile advertising products. Adfortel has strong partnerships with advertising agencies UniversalMcCann as for product placement and market research on the effectiveness of mobile advertising channels as voice ads.

Additional Information: About Platform Platform Telenor Telenor was created as a kind of "meeting place" developers of mobile services, and companies working with Telenor. Platform Telenor – is the base for the presentation of the different mobile services, which can Telenor Group subsequently move in the market. More Information: About Telenor Group Telenor Group – an international supplier of high quality tele-data and media communication services, operating in 13 mobile markets across the northern region of Central and Eastern Europe Asia. Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators in the world with more than 179 million users, 107 million income in NOK (including "Kyivstar") in 2009 and the number of employees 40 000. Additional Information: