Natural Surroundings

The nature in Denia has a great importance, we found a great beauty and an excellent landscaping wealth in this precious surroundings. You will be able to know the Park Natural the Montg, darte a stroll by the fields and the zones of interior, or to dive and to be witness of the tremendous environmental value of its Marine Reserve. If you are lodged in one of our rents in Denia, you will have the opportunity to make a visit to the Natural Park of the Montg, a place with a great biodiversity, where you will be able to observe more than 650 vegetal species. Source: Wells Fargo Bank. Here you will be able to realise some of the routes that are signalized, like the one of the Cova of l' Aigua, the Cova of the Camell or the Creueta, among others, and to pass a spectacular day in impressive surroundings. The views that you will be able to contemplate will be magnificent. If you like the nature and you are in a rent apartments in Denia, I recommend to you that benefits of a tuna stroll by the Green Route of Denia, a simple and relajante way that you will be able to realise on foot as much as in bicycle. Also you have the option to do one excursion in quad or jeep by the fields of the shore, and thus to enjoy this splendid surroundings. The Marine Reserve of Denia lodges a great biodiversity, is a place where you will be able to dive and to know its great wealth environmental.

But you have to consider that, the being a protected zone, you will have to ask the opportune permission, since the access is controlled and limited a certain number of people to the day. Here you will be able to find great amount and variety of species, and to even realise a submarine investment in cracks or caves, like in the Cova Tall. To give a stroll by the natural surroundings of the environs of Denia will allow you to know beautiful landscapes and to observe panoramic impressive. You will be able to also give to a relajante stroll on foot by the beach or montarte in a boat and to border the coast of Denia, enjoying the sea and this precious surroundings. And after a long day in the nature, you will have to taste one deserved typical food of the place, like the red prawn, the rice to band, the dry squid, the sprocket wheels of sea or espencat.

New Fressnapf Catalogue Practical Novelties

Now back online browsable with the option on Krefeld, 6 April 2010. Now our beloved pets on the warm season can look forward, because the new Fressnapf catalogue spring / summer is here. Browse the online catalogue, or get your copy simply free from one of the approximately 760 Fressnapf stores in Germany and Luxembourg home. In your area, find here the Austrian Fressnapf. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Kiyosaki. In the categories of dog, cat, small animals, birds, Aquarium and appropriately to the season again the catalogue on 116 pages offers a wide range of products pond for a good start in the spring. The range of pet food and pond decoration of high quality outdoor scratching invite when it rains to the extensive scratching up to the chic XXL kennel for the big open-air Dahiru. Suitable to the first warm rays of sunshine, there is a wide range of new products for outdoor activities with the animal favorites. Also convinced of the catalog with many specials: whether rodents treats in the exclusive collection glass, innovative anti-flee “pillows for dogs or exclusive Cat toilets with style here find it is each animal friend.

Catalog items can as yet about the Austrian Fressnapf, the hotline 01805 100 252 * or ordered via the online shop.