Earning on Mini Games

How to earn from $ 20-100 for a stable mini-games? Worth a look … … Hello, I suggest you make a sale of mini-games (casual games). The principle is this: You do site (affiliate program offers website) with games and untwist. For each game sold, you pay $ 1.5.

You understand that playing fairly. I'm not going to talk about millions, but $ 50 and higher earnings is realistic. Payments to 2 times a month. Without delay! Checked! I have a friend batters to 150-250 dollars per month. On his advice I also started selling games. To start earning should be this: You go to the site very bottom right button is "affiliate program", press, and there all in the details described as that. If you write that, roman.anderson (dog) mail.ru little bit about casual games.

These games have to help people while away their free time with pleasure. In the mini games have advantages over conventional games: 1) Mini Game weigh the strength of 30MB. Typically, 10-15MB. 2) The game can throw a stick and take a hike or abroad. Favorite game you always have with you. 3) Not consuming computer resources. 4) Casual games are not harmful. On the contrary, develop abilities Human, mostly logic. 5) are not worth much. Total of $ 5 per game. But it's worth it! These advantages can be listed ad infinitum!! Do not you want to try to capitalize on this. My opinion: After a year, 3.2 will start to boom casual (office) games! And if you allocate yourself a small site with such games, you will not miss. Especially because the site is available for hosting of charge. Your cost just to buy a domain (from 100 – to 600rubley in year). If your site will buy the game, you will be credited to the account of the internal sell $ 1.5 If 100 games – 150 bucks. 1000 games – $ 1500. In Russia, the lives of 140 million inhabitants. I do not hurry, but you understand, the sooner will occupy its own niche, the more you'll be in the black.