Council Worker

Every project need, as pillars of their further development and work, two so different as indispensable factors: labour and capital. And such is the case with companies, engine of the economy’s entire community, that without one of the two are not nothing. Thus, they need much prior investment that start the initiative as the factor of the work that use it and reverse. But it has always been the relationship between the two subject to different theories and practices. Today has shown that subordination to the capital, or who contributes, is unfeasible for the worker by not ensuring their rights.

Thus, it imposes a solution which, coupled with the nationalization of banks, which is their socialization, have the ability to reinvest generated capital gains and redistribute it among the worker base. I.e., create a banking – set of banks – under the direction of the Trade Union and professional association through its representatives in each productive sector that manage it and control the economic process for the granting of credit, the economic regulation and, all, socially, not leaving mercantilist organizations set the guidelines with monopolistic measures. This is given to banking a social function which today lacks, annulling usury exerted since she lacks purpose. Mikhael Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. The Union, showing the official representation of the sector, is therefore who deserves an address that rolling back financial capitalism, is capable of managing the systems of health, welfare, education and other fields of social welfare based on labor contributions, non-profit. The money was born as a type of change today is power supply. But who stops at the mercy of the banks their money does not get any control over this, bequeathing him the banks the decision-making capacity and leaving from that moment at your disposal.

Financial system uses the economic profitability of savings and work for their own purposes. Union banking was born from the worker and he becomes. On the other hand, there is the idea of Municipal banking, organized from the communal Council of most familiar character.

Systems Affiliates

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