Charter Of A Son Who Grew Up

When you lose, do not lose the lesson! The accumulated anger makes us sick. It is healthy to be angry and take our anger in the right proportion, we only accumulate it becomes a time bomb that finally ended up harming us. You must remove the anger, mourn, kicking, screaming, and then follow all good things of life. The faults are vain. Nothing is his own fault, or others. What we did was because we take the best alternative at that time. It may happen that after repenting, but was the best at that time. Everything that happens is a learning and hard to be the condition as this, God knows why he’s doing and what we will do. Our life is our own reflection. At birth we all have the same opportunities to succeed, however, some people decide to act, and others remain rooted in their resentment and lamenting his fate. So everyone gets what he built and although the result is not always positive is only our responsibility. Love is the only cure of the soul. We have a disease, but we are not the disease. We have a misfortune, but that unfortunately we are not. Each one of us is the love that God has given us, the rest is temporary. Never too late. Never too late to forgive, never too late to talk and never too late to give love. We must use the time given to us to evolve spiritually. Accept our lives. “God give me strength to accept what I can not change, give me courage to change what I can, and give me wisdom to know the difference.” When we can flow and continue to accept our destiny. Things are so never going to be able to change, but we see them differently and stop suffering. God’s plan is perfect. As much as we see the world and our lives as the opposite of what we wanted, not so. God put us in the perfect place to allow our evolution, polishing our shortcomings and shine our virtues. Now that you grew up and now I can understand, this is what I thought and I share with you.