Reduced Prices

Are you deep in thought about buying a home? everyone is wondering about what is better to prefer – primary or secondary property market, buy an apartment in the heart of the city or its outskirts. Carefully analyzed the situation, most people understand that today, New St. Petersburg is much more attractive than at home in downtown areas. Real estate in the center, primarily distinguished by its high value. The difference in price for apartments in the center and sleeping areas may reach several tens of thousands of dollars. Is it worth it for shelter in an old house located on a busy street surrounded by unfavorable environmental environment to give fabulous sums, debatable. At the same time flat from the builder in the construction of new residential complexes in areas of the city have a wide variety of options and excellent layout. Completely new and modern communication networks allow for the next few years to forget about the problems with leaking water pipes and failure of electrical wiring.

Without exception, all new buildings of St. Petersburg, located in residential buildings are equipped with telephone and Internet. Comfortable and safe elevators, wide staircases, ramps, slopes for wheelchairs make life tenants fairly comfortable. Houses adjoining territories of the apartment complexes are also well equipped. Children’s play areas, green areas, benches and parking for cars is in every yard.

New St. Petersburg, a well-developed and sound housing infrastructure. Along with the residential houses are being built schools, kindergartens, sports complexes and shopping centers, roads are paved. Sleeping areas are located away from the city center and various industrial enterprises, which allows us to perfect environmental conditions in them. The best acquisition is the purchase of construction of residential complexes, residential areas of the city. These flats from the builder has many advantages for the buyer, the main one being – it is their money. The cost of apartments in newly built house at 20-30% lower than at the ready. The sum paid under the contract in phases over the whole construction. The first installment is from 10 to 30%. When buying a home in a newly built house you can also discuss the layout of individual flats. New Petersburg dealt with a good finish and taking into account all the wishes owner. At the same time the landlord have the opportunity to monitor the progress of the construction process and quality of materials used. Purchasing an apartment in a newly built housing complex – is not only significant savings funds, but also a great investment in the future.