Viral Marketing

Continually arise technologies, platforms and new devices that leveling the field between small and large enterprises, this makes creativity and strategy of promotion are important differentiators, had never before been so fleeting and efficiently able to contact potential consumers as now, the key is to get noticed among the waves of information. In traditional business by word of mouth advertising is recognized as one of the types more effective promotion, viral marketing is the equivalent of this type of advertising on the internet, the goal is users to share information in a manner similar to the behavior of a virus, with massive and unstoppable contagion. Whether through funny videos, useful information, witty pictures, interesting presentations, fun exclusive, commercial promotions, innovative competitions or forms that are not yet invented, point is to position the brand or web site in creative ways that encourage users to share with their contacts, creating an exponential effect on the scope of the campaign. Creativity is the most important element in Viral Marketing. Which in conjunction with an effective strategy relies mainly on the following aspects. Campaign objective: how you will know that you have been successful? Define it, that is measurable and specific times. Is also important to define, what is your target market (in the real world and the digital) what ages do? What country or city living? Man or woman? Are you interested in? (sports, technology, software, yoga) used what in their lives? (cars, cell phones, video games, computers) what internet sites visit? If you would like to interact in social networks? What uses to access information? (Mac, PC, cell phone) what kind of connection does? The important thing is to get in the skin of your market to understand how it relates to your goal, to generate ideas consistent with your goals and your target market, that is key. Some successful examples which can be found on youtube are as follows: the fall of Edgar (Version Emperor) a video sensation, the fall of edgar, opened the doors for the realization of a commercial by a food company in Mexico, which only spread on youtube.

Popcorn with cell phones the combination of a video style home and a somewhat mysterious device from which there are rumors as soon as their damages to health, proved a winning combination for a manufacturer of bluetooth headsets. Guitar ( talent sells, this video of a guy playing his guitar and recommending an online learning site generated an incredible increase in sales. In conclusion, the union of social networks with the viral marketing has created an area of opportunity for the promotion of low-cost, where with the knowledge of proper market, great creativity and a little luck, can reached thousands of potential consumers who are just a few clicks away. Images funny original author and source of the article