National Salt Reserve

The FDP and the false start of the Black Yellow coalition. 100 days is a short period, a new Government for the time being – to evaluate. But the false start of the Black Yellow Coalition is at all prudent not to talk to beautiful. Within the coalition of CDU, CSU and FDP there is no trace concepts, nor about their implementation agreement, large lines. Tax reform, reform health policy, fiscal consolidation – have the promise of the coalition agreement is dissolved in pork-barrel politics, overspending and strife. With the alternatives of “Grand Coalition” or “black green” at the country level in the back, in the Federal Chancellor Merkel cannot afford to its well known policy of looking to wait and see and acts in contrast to their colleagues still sovereign. The Union the Chancellors bonus reliably protects low mood, despite the pitiful performances of E.g. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Julia M. Klein. Jung, of the Leyen and Ramsau.

For the FDP that looks however differently, the polls show them in a free fall. Apparently it has the Freidemokraten beyond the borders that which stands the citizens just on lies is, wrong. The illusion of the own inviolability was also understandable: amidst the worst economic crisis for 80 years, the party issued in the evening of the election in 2009 precisely the acclaimed winner, who had railed for years against the regulation of the financial markets and the activities of banks. There can be already on the idea, that the citizens simply swallows everything. Yes there are also not the lie itself, will be punished by the voters, would otherwise be together with the political systems of the world and all dead and buried. It is the way to sell the own lies, which apparently only must re-learn Westerwelle’s FDP. The mantra that the Vice Chancellor at every opportunity by itself gives – “Taxes reduced, SMEs strengthened, encouraged families” is presented simply too far away from the truth and with too much attention to itself, that it could not turn against the Herald: so is the revision that is sold as “Citizens Relief Act” Depreciation allowances of sickness and care insurance premium not design policy. Rather had to be met as quickly as possible a 2010 expiring ultimatum of the Constitutional Court.

And referred to as “Medium-sized companies strengthen” lowering of the VAT rate for hotel accommodation is given the Movenpick donations even as FDP supporters to the Declaration issue. Not only that it is difficult to accept the label of “Medium-sized” to a multinational corporation. Just the effect target allegedly with this scheme, a fall in the rates, is not entered. Lastly, the promotion of the family, was only noted that those families who most needed it, not benefit; namely those who live on unemployment benefit II. And then: Performance Health Minister Rosler. On the announcement of some statutory health insurers, increasing insurance premiums now, he recommends a change of fund – the insured faithfully in the safe in the knowledge that no later than 2011 anyway all insurers will demand more money. But he previously is no longer likely in the Office. He was careless enough to link his political fate with health-care reform, Yes. Like a call from the dark forest the appearance of the FDP-Verkehrspolitikers Patrick Doring was there: resolute and statesmanlike, he demanded the Federal Government should legally commit the countries to form a reserve of salt for hard winter. You can no longer bake smaller rolls. Andreas Kellner..

Social Deprivation And Loneliness

Main causes of regional differences in the prevalence of depression Berlin, may 2012 round ten percent of all adult patients in Germany received a diagnosis of depression in 2007 from their doctor. Women were twice as likely affected as men. This pronounced regional differences: while nearly every fifth patient was affected in Landshut, a depression on Rugen, in Dessau-Rosslau in Wittenberg only every twentieth patients has been documented. The frequency of depression in two types of region is particularly high: in urban areas, as well as in rural areas of West Germany. According to the latest analysis of supply Atlas experts, depression are more common in regions with a higher proportion of socially worse set or all single people. Furthermore, it depends on the power structure: the number of practising psychiatrists, neurologists and psychotherapists in the region affects on discovery and documentation.

Depression around the world are among the most common mental illness. “The disease has a significant impact on the individual well-being and the everyday functioning of the person concerned: as a concomitant disease” chronic diseases a depression can worsen the outcome significantly. Therefore, the supply of people with depressive disorders is an important task for every health system. For this reason it is for us very important to understand the reasons for the marked regional differences “, says Dr. Dominik of Stillfried, Managing Director of the Central Institute of the kassenarztliche supply (ZI). Vulnerable regions can be recognized on the basis of the regional framework conditions such as the level of prosperity and social structure.

When given threat situation but also the role of the supply structure we’re interested in. The surmise that a depression is rarely documented in regions with a low number of nervenarztlichen, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment places, because only a few Patients with can be treated.” The current analysis shows a so-called two also age gradient in the prevalence of depression. So the prevalence rises at first until the age of 60, drops significantly in the retirement age and rises again from the 70th year of life. To Dr. Dominik by Stillfried: evaluation, we received indications of specific practice-relevant risk phases in the age. These breaks in the age group are relevant to the supply planning. These are not considered an underestimate of future supply needs can result.” The results are published under. Supply Atlas the Atlas supply provides a publicly available source of information to a growing number of selected topics from medical care in Germany. Regional differences in medical care and their causes are focus of supply Atlas. The offer of the Central Institute of the kassenarztliche supply (ZI) is aimed at all, the is for Events in health care and in health care or are involved. Find research results and analyses of regional peculiarities and differences in structures, processes and results of medical care that offer the clues for ways of improving the supply. In discussion forums, each post can be discussed publicly. The analyses carried out by ZI itself based on the nationwide payroll data of contract medical care in Germany. Press contact Silke Jakobi Press Office of supply Atlas Herbert Lewin-Platz 3, 10623 Berlin Tel.: 030 4005-2453 cell. 0162 1001092 fax: 030 4005-272419

German Jews

But it was a lesson and not a statement of the Phenomenon is still a theory about.”> source: by… A self-contained system of belief is also my article of 14, 39, 81, 82, 107 ideology. (Communist ideology, anti-fascists) Stalinism and national socialism (Nazi ideology, anti Marxist) both propagated a values system, which was compulsory for all citizens and whose kritik was may be punishable as a felony. For the respective most convinced believers in the ideological (substantive) differences were absolute, all functional similarities. In two ideologies, the terms were ‘Race, class, Judaism, bourgeoisie’ as mythical symbols, with great suggestive power, rather than a sociological categories such as ‘People, proletariat, capitalist, kulak (farmer)’.

They served as a lightning rod for collective fear and hatred. ‘Hitler sang the song constantly’ on the ‘Community’ and the national unity across all class barriers for its Anti-Marxism, his hatred of modernity and its appeal to authoritarian values such as will, discipline, order and hierarchy. > Adolf Hitler was dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945. In 1921, he served as Chairman of the Nazi party and coined the anti-Semitic and racist ideology of national socialism, with his book Mein Kampf. in 1923 he was trying with the so-called Hitler-Ludendorff-putsch to overthrow the Weimar Republic by force. He was appointed German Chancellor on 30 January 1933. His regime eliminated the pluralistic democracy, federalism and the rule of law by Emergency Ordinance, DC circuit laws, and organizational party bans, Charles, torture and killings of political opponents.

Also eliminated Hitler in 1934 in the framework of the so-called Rohm putsch possible rivals in the Nazi party and thus consolidated his power. The German Jews were systematically excluded and disenfranchised by the Nuremberg race laws of 1935. Nevertheless, Hitler won enormous popularity in Germany as a result of economic and foreign policy successes. After the death of “Hindenburg 1934 combine the offices of the President and the Chancellor in Hitler and became henceforth officially as a leader and Reich Chancellor” referred to.

Sabina Illbruck Frank

This form of care is dependent solely on donations, as a promotion with State funds for this treatment was not intended. Max Kuhner, CEO of LeaseForce AG and an avid equestrian, was especially pleased this and was very pleased with the response of the evening. The exhibition is open during normal office hours, Monday to Friday from 9 am until 4 pm and lasts until 31 March 2010 was Kurt Iwanschutz painting Kurt Iwanschutz 1964 born in Munich. As an autodidact, lives and works in Munich. First works he specific nature to colour as a factor of expression in his works to the actual topic is. Study visits to Italy and Spain.

His works are shown in exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Austria and Luxembourg. Member of the Kunstverein Munchen. Ivan contactor colorant testifies to a standalone style, in which the color expression factor gaining importance. Already here it is clear what was the intention behind Ivan contactor is color and design language: not the purely formalistic expression counts, rather the art to get closer to the deepest essence of things. It achieves a synthesis of inner and outer reality. Here, the viewer’s gaze vacillates between subject and abstract context, anticipated more layers of reality. Interplay is also reflected in the colours from the are certain tones only peel out after a long time, but also in the interaction of painting and drawing, precision and imprecision, in diffuse light reflections. This prism of light and colors is the artistic handwriting Kurt Iwanschutz.

Tabaluga-Kinderstifung from the proceeds of the works: Aquarian age, 160 x 180 cm, oil on canvas, 1999 Botanical Garden, 100 x 125 cm, oil on canvas, 2004 without title, 100 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2008 without title, 100 x 125 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2009 without title, 85 x 130 cm, oil on canvas, 2009 go each 25% the Tabaluga Kids Foundation to promote the equestrian centre with the courses in therapeutic riding. The LeaseForce AG is a Real estate leasing company and provides leasing and financing solutions. In doing so, objects such as vehicles, machinery, capital goods, medical equipment, equipment for renewable energy can and much more. will be financed. The LeaseForce team combines over 100 years of leasing experience and offers sophisticated solutions to its business partners. For many years acquired know-how allows the team, which consists of experienced Leasing professionals, software developers, lawyers and accountants, to make the best possible solutions for our customers. The specially developed workflow system for the sales leasing is guarantor for punctuality and reliability in business transactions. The LeaseForce AG for a leasing company is very strongly capitalised with an equity capital of EUR 5 million. This allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes.