The Scope

Be considered Gonzalez, that the quality of life, shows labour is expressed by the degree of spiritual satisfaction of the man with the job that makes reaching its peak when the work becomes its first vital need, State in which the motivation of human beings is the pure pleasure and for work that is intrinsically rewarding and where his consciousness merges with their acts and lost the notion of time and space. The essential factor to achieve a high job satisfaction lies in the richness of the content of work that is carried out and where they are present intellectual elements, initiative, creativity, autonomy, variability and difficulty, and therefore, the individual has to put maximum stress on the use of their working capacity. The fact, that today before a feature of a Venezuelan scenario very turbulent, risky, uncertain, cannot escape the commitment of ensuring compliance of the social responsibility of the company depending on the quality of working life. to do this, for example, the the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, through the Chair of organizational behavior, has considered that its participants delve into the knowledge and basic tools needed to guarantee the exercise of their profession that is respected, hold a quality of working life, consona with the needs of workers, ensuring that its functions, performances are manifest in a good productivity, satisfaction at work, spirit of membership, team cohesion, achievements for the company, appearance can be checked with the scope of an organizational climate that favors organizational behavior of the company. Objectives to achieve compliance with this commitment to social responsibility in the quality of working life is required to comply with the following objectives. For assistance, try visiting Kevin Ulrich. Conditions of safety and well-being at work: This includes reasonable working hours of effort by a standardization of normal weekly work further than the compensation for extra time required; conditions that minimize the risk of diseases and damage; an age limit at work that is potentially harmful to those of lesser or greater age of the established opportunities for continuous growth and security.