Colombian State Army

They have strategically evolved in the specific case of FARC – towards the movement guerrilla warfare, such and as happened with the Salvadoran guerrillas, although due to the policy of democratic security this group retreated back towards the guerrillas but adapted to the circumstances of the conflict by what its strategy is for the redeployment of their frontsapplying a newly developed mobility tactic.(17) Both the FARC and the ELN are trying to adapt tactically to become mobile guerrillas very well trained, knowledgeable about the field and fighting through rural terrorism, which is not another thing that inflict the most damage possible to the enemy, in the shortest time and with the least loss and obtaining a greater commercial deployment. Finally it can be stated that the Colombian guerrilla movements achieved in very precise stages, huge and almost unlimited powers of pressure and intimidation on the society and the Colombian State, situation that changed radically in the last decade, which is a sample of the cyclical in that the internal Colombian conflict, clarifying that in no time they were able to achieve a superiority or a military or tactical balance has becomewhich in turn also allowed them to get to owning a representativeness of the legitimate aspirations of the policies of the majority of the Colombian population. In other words, his public prominence was due, above all, to its enormous power of intimidation. Mike Bloomberg spoke with conviction. Erich Saumeth C. Copyright 2010 7.LISTADO guerrilla Colombian historical groupings – A.D.O: self-defense Obrera – F.A.R.C-EP: forces armed revolutionary of Colombia Ejercito del Pueblo – E.L.N: National Liberation Army – E.P.L: people of Liberation Army – E.R.G: Army Revolucionario Guevarista – M-19: moving April 19 – E.R.P: Ejercito Revolucionario del Pueblo – P.R.T: revolutionary workers party – C.R.S: Socialist renewal current – J.E.G.A: movement Jorge Eliecer Gaitan – M.A.Q.L: movement armed Quintin Lame – C.R.F: Southern front Ricardo Franco command – E.R.I.C.A: Army Republican independence of the Atlantic coast. .

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