It is sad and frustrating to see how the profession of communication sciences in our days is trampled and usurped by people who have never studied the profeson, while the owners of the means of communication, directors and other staff argue that it is not necessary to professionalize to develop communications activities, but this problem is not only, imagine that nowadays the means they use a system of hiring staff through amiguismoswhich is the weight requirement to get into work, being marginalized titles and experience. If you my reader querito someday performs research on this interesting and delicate subject, you will notice that the directors of the media placed obstacles to prevent a membership in our profession, perhaps one of the main is that oppose emphatically the membership of our profession, because they consider that it violates the law free d issuance of thought, wanting to cover the Sun with a finger, because they try to bumble that act at your convenience and craving because to be approved be see affected their political and economic interests. It has been said that a professional Communicator is a master of masses that orients, educates, informs and recreates but to keep the owners of the media this philosophy as it is can educate, guide, inform and professionally recreate if it lacks culture and preparation. While a professional with degree of Licenciado en Ciencias de la Comunicacion remains underemployed, paying a salary of hunger either forming part the huge row of unemployed with a title of ornament on the wall. Do to analyze this whole problem, where the Government does deaf ears as well as the directors of different schools or faculties of communication sciences pernamecen in a position psiva of arms crossed because not the subject in the most interested at least I wonder: to what there are such units academic in my country if the end media prefer to recruit personal little or no qualified?.

With great sadness I see as a communication student spends time, effort ysobre all money for culminating his career, graduating as Bachelor of communication receive as stimulus remain underemployed or unemployed because the media don’t give opportunity unless you have the prerequisite for being able to work otherwise I am referring to cronyism. It is necessary that public opinion international know truly what the contrivances of the owners and directors of media in my country Guatemala otherwise massaged at your convenience. I believe that with a professional association rather than harm would act to maintain codes of ethics mejoraria and professional quality of work, as soon as the processing of the message, doing a professional job without political ties or interests of any kind.