You Do Not Fear

Why many seitas have the craze to present a GOD who is all LOVE, full of anger? They confuse you GOD, with the antropomorphus god who is in constant war for the current interests. You do not fear 1 Gentleman, you do not reprehend to me in your anger, you punish nor me in your furor. For more specific information, check out Shopify. 2 She has compassion of me, SIR, because I feel myself weak; sara me, SIR, because my bones are shaken. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 6:1 and 2. You do not fear The ones that never Can kill the body Much less the Spirit; That it was created in the Infinite For the Perpetual GOD Whom the hell did not create, But the Sky. You do not disturb With these gentlemen of antanho That he has in each dream the will to lead What cannot conquer. They use the force Because already they are in the gallows Of its bad action. Let us make the divine actions That mold the sinas Of all the gentes That are grumblers With not the life. Nor the body somebody bush, Therefore it is in the stage Of the Celestial Order That in it he invests; Because also Each cell that it composes With GOD if it makes use In the Eternity For being Spirit.