Technical Attention

When you get ready to present/display a proposal to a group of potential clients or the advance of a project to the board of directors you must apply some techniques to speak in public to wake up the interest of the hearing from the same principle and to maintain them kind, on this it will depend that they can catch your convinced message and being. By means of the techniques to speak in public that I will share with you in this article you will be able to cause that your hearing follows to you kindly since you begin to speak. When doing a presentation of any type many comments the error to present/display their ideas so that it seemed that the unique thing that it mattered to them they are its own interests and to convince the public so that does something that ONLY to the exhibitor benefits to him, this way the people who listen close themselves to the message because they feel they are pressing that them to do something that they do not want to do. If the public does not see in your message a direct benefit for them, the public stops paying attention and loses the interest. In order to catch the attention of the public it is necessary to raise from principle subjects of its interest that are related to their problems or preoccupations.

We see the following techniques to speak in public used by the experts. It investigates your public. Before making a presentation you must make a small investigation about the people for whom you will speak. It investigates things like age, sex, profession, labor experience and of businesses and other points that will help to include/understand and to understand their needs you and I interest. If your exhibition is before representatives of a company, investigates on that company and their activities, identify the needs and possible problems that it confronts.