The road turned left, gave short detour around the mountain. Smell of the forest and the river got into our nostrils. Stopped. Looking around – decided to: staying here. Transported all the goods across the river on a log Chebaklu, fallen beavers. 2 beautiful large clearing – a place hay, judging by the smooth, nearly knocked out of the ground the grass mowed and visible in the last year the border.

Here we put my tent. Chebakla broken on the winding shore, and wood jams, carrying their water in . Noise River I say – perfectly turned out mess. Our group sat down to dinner or lunch (someone like). Ate to satiety, so we had to forget about travel, go to the tent and sleep.

Ruslan with Yura at this time went to investigate Ferris settlement. Devil's mound – one of the high points of Hai district. Learn more at this site: Robert Kiyosaki. Supposedly before there was a fortress or something else, what we do not know. But there were no artifacts in the place we found. On the other hand have found shells from the cartridge 1916. How does it go hit, we have yet to figure out. One version – during the Civil War. But why only one sleeve. With whom, and who shot only once and even at altitude. The next expedition is to give answers to these questions. In the meadow next to our house was found a lot of trash every iron. The sun drooped. Touched the top of its rays, and gradually took refuge behind horizon. Night gradually prevailed. But how well that by this time was cooked chicken soup. Cooks are not prestavali surprise us. The piquancy of the dish add fresh young nettle. Beach Chebakly plunged into the night. But the night was not quiet. It caught us streams of water from the sky. Flooded and flooded the clearing storm. But our tent withstood this test. The morning wind dispersed the clouds, then from time to time, allowed them to close the sun. By 18.00 the sun finally conquered the sky at the clouds again, we surveyed the expanse of mountain, endless ridges and hills around us the whole horizon. Mountains surrounded us a ring, not letting us get away from them. Another legend of our days is associated with so-called, monster. It appears in the evening, the people do not attacks, walks on two legs or feet, standing straight, but occasionally moves to 4 feet (paws), hunters and fishermen have repeatedly met with him, it, according to them is disgusting and stare intently, as if examines you, hypnotized, and then disappears. Often found along streams tracks, similar to the hoof, but experienced trackers say that it is "hoofed" walks on 2 legs. Pretty scary was expected to meet this creature next to the our tent. But we, in spite of this, we went back. In Orsk.