Love You

When she leaves, the bold lyric muse Euterpe approaches me with her delicate face and taking my hands asking me to never stop invoking it. Promise that I have broken several times, because of what I feel for you, women of this century have lost their sweetness and tenderness that crowned. If you can show them who is love and where it comes from and where it goes. Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy several times a day I damn sure that you’re the one who occupies a place of high privilege in each of my writings. Terpsichore the Muse of Music and Dance Captured the essence of my soul for some time, but with the passing of days realized that the vagaries may deviate from a true love. Erato was the muse of Love poetry, was the day to day advise me the proper way to treat you. Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry, occupies a special place in the fraternity of my feelings as I remember that only God could create someone as wonderful as the woman.

It is the fragrance of your nature dear Sappho, today I come to the door of your house has to say as all other muses I have chosen. Urania the muse of astronomy and Thalia the muse of Comedy. It was a long time ago after my, concubines. Now that I can lose if you have confessed the whole truth. Sappho not hear your voice. Think what you’re going to say. To you beautiful muses who in the early age I sit beside the throne of Zeus, I declare that from now on you sit on my throne. Sappho why you keep so quiet? What if the lyric poet Alcaeus, who is said you were loving, love thee? .

NO! Philosopher Amado mio, do not think such things who always yearned silently. Since I have not left a single day dream about you. I know, beautiful Sappho. But before utter another word, let me expose the exploits of the poet Alcaeus. is told in her homeland that he was who created the stanza Alcaic (one meter consists of quatrains). Not only that, Alcaeus was the leader of the movement against the tyrant of Lesbos, Pittacus, for which he was banished. Not content with this he wrote ten books of poems. “A well, you’re not in love with so eminent a character? NO! As you can ignore, that I was the muse of inspiration. If it had not been at his side, his writings have been due to failure. “I think loved philosopher now? IF YOU THINK! I was just putting to test your feelings. Thing I learned from you, every time I send to your friends muses.