Inventor Predicts Television

Professor Brandenburg: Germany lacks venture capital for innovation Halle (Saale) / Wiesbaden media are appealing to all senses in the future. That predicts MP3 inventor Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg in an interview with the Web-TV station of forward2business in Hall. There will be an environment in the future, which ties up one and captured by her appeal to all the senses.\” The user could also interact with you so unless desired. Brandenburg is the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for digital media technology in Ilmenau (Thuringia) and deals with audio and video technologies of the future. In the audio section there are first products that realize this vision\”, says Brandenburg… The ISO oil and natural worlds are becoming more and more blurred his opinion.

Therefore, information will be soon to get anywhere in appropriate quality. Wells Fargo Bank is open to suggestions. According to his predictions, the language technology has future opportunities. In many places it’s already here and the people have just yet not so consciously perceived it. So I belong to people who quite regularly uses the simple working Wordspotting for voice dialing in your phone. For even more analysis, hear from Mikhael Mirilashvili. \”I find it very useful when I say the cell phone who I want to talk\”, as Brandenburg, of his theses as the keynote speaker of the Congress of industry Voice days on the subject of how innovations make markets \”will present in October. All of these technologies would set back a tedious and slow process of improvement after his experience. I’m already long time ago, when I then worked at Bell Labs and was so to speak directly to the people who have installed speech recognition, heard of hidden Markov model and these things. At that time was already blasphemed, speech recognition is the area that each year increases the accuracy of 94 to 97 per cent. That has not really changed. When the Wordspotting slow independent of the speakers, and so that the training falls away, or so the training happens that people ever notice that they train the devices, and similar progress, then there will be a trigger point, from which the widely uses, although it previously gave the impression, as that would make progress very difficult\”, as Brandenburg to the professional service of voice community.

The Chamber

But even the variety of today’s screw pumps with variable pitch differs substantially. Most pumps in the 600 m3/h-class require a typical furnace operating pressure 1 mbar an output of approximately 10 kW a significantly higher value compared to a rotary vane pump. The screw pumps of the DRYVAC achieve here through the optimization of the mechanical rotor design, the innovative concept of the motor and selecting a perfectly customized built-in frequency converter a much lower energy balance series of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum with high, reliable performance. The power consumption of the DRYVAC is only 650 S is still 6.9 kW at 1 mbar and even below that of a comparable rotary vane pump. It is therefore a new benchmark for power consumption of vacuum pumps. The built-in frequency converter offers further potential for energy savings and greater process control.

Many process steps need not be the full Suction capacity, particularly when operating in coarser pressure conditions, during the up water. well. Soft start and slow ramp-up can be realised via the frequency converter. The Chamber pressure is controllable via the variable speed control. Realize the customer can even process-specific standby conditions”, taking into account certain valve positions, E.g. to reduce the consumption of nitrogen powered up. In addition to these environmental aspects enables the DRYVAC the modern construction also on sensitive components, such as shaft seals, to dispense motor bearings or couplings, which significantly increase the robustness and reliability of the pump. In addition to the energy-saving benefits through the use of modern screw vacuum pump offer similar opportunities to use of modern roots pumps or through optimized operation of rotary vane pumps and diffusion pumps. In the latter case, at intelligent control, offer even a potential savings of more than 30 percent.