Network Literature

Seteratura (or Network Literature) – a symbol of literary works of different genres, published on the Internet. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase says on the issue. She has appeared only recently, began its development with the advent of the World Wide Web, because global network – nothing more than a single way of its existence. If you look on the Internet is somewhat wider, it turns out that all it consists of content that can be both text and graphics. But most of the – This text. Many users have come to the pages of many sites only to find the necessary information.

To populate the site with information, new professions, such as copywriters. Their work mostly online, that is, they can be called freelancers. But we will not be removed from the topic, the more that has to freelance seterature little attitude. Network literature – is an important part of the Internet, because everyone involved in it, bringing the network something of my own thoughts, experience. It involves not only the publication of works of art, but also articles on various subjects.

The Internet provides an excellent platform for implement their plans, for example, the popular online magazines. What may be helpful to this phenomenon? First, you can try your hand as a writer or journalist. Secondly, this is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, to find their genre and audience. Seteratura significantly different from the usual literature. Volume of the first is much less, so the more common form of small essays and prose, and popular poetry. The network literature tends to reduce the volume, because for a long reading from the monitor screen would be unprofitable to view. In addition, the essay on the genre canon – a free-form, which has the reader to the discussion affected by the product of problems. Interactivity allows the reader to obtain the response. Any man would like to express my emotions and attitude immediately after reading. For comments and reviews can be to understand: whether to continue his literary Exercise. Using the Internet, a literary work may become more interesting. Copyright images, sound files, hyperlinks, not only facilitate reading, but also make it fun and exciting. However, multimedia is rarely used on the Internet. Literature Network offers more opportunities than usual because suddenly you can become the most popular Internet writer.

The Network

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