European Commission

Finally the European Commission authorizes the advance payment of the aid cap of about 250,000 farmers Andalusian as reported the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia. To anticipate for the second half of October amounted to more than 600 million euros, which translates to 50% of planned aid for help 2010 campaign / 2011. Qualtiy assumes payment for 91% of farmers and for 93% of the total of single payment rights allocated to them, which indicates that proportionately, the amount paid in advance is higher than 70% of the 2009 campaign in which were ahead of 790 million euros. From December 1 is allowed 50 percent of aid to the single payment scheme, including also the approximately EUR 220 million in Andalusia the decoupling of aid for arable crops, olive trees, goats and citrus. Get more background information with materials from Linkedin. Likewise, communicates that in these days has been issued resolution by the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia, in the 2007 campaign, communicating the justification of the payment of that campaign, which according to the law on administrative procedure, since the Department of counseling Citada de integrated system urge US to submit appeal in case of disagreement with the payment received.