Johann Hinrich

Also pre-Christmas timepieces were made: watches with dials divided into 24 fields. Were used to count the days of advent candles – a custom of the theologian Johann Hinrich v. Walters is known. He left around 1840 in Hamburg on a Wood ring in the Christmas season daily light a candle, until all 24 candles on Christmas Eve burned and hung a such advent calendar since 1860 in the Berlin Johannes pin in the shape of a green Christmas wreath on his initiative. The most famous advent calendar later became the the Swabian Parson’s wife made long from Maulbronn in 1883 for her son Gerhard. She sewed 24 small pieces of pastry on a cardboard and sweetened him waiting for the Christ child in this way. The son of Gerhard lang”echoed his childhood experience as a partner of the lithographic Institute Reichhold & lang in Schwabing and printed the Munich Christmas calendar since 1908.

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