Weakest Cases

And maybe start drinking a laxative pills or undergo a course of enemas, or even operate on and reduce the volume of the stomach? Options much, my head is spinning, it is necessary to sit down, think things through and have a snack, maybe the problem will be solved by itself At this stage, the weakest go to the distance and just try to examine smaller in the mirror. These people can stop reading the article. chapter 2: Only the most persistent But we are strong with you, we will take for themselves, and even if we are not invited to appear in commercials, at least on a local beach, it will be nice to flaunt a new swimsuit. And now begin to move more and eat less! But not everyone knows how to do it correctly. The most common mistake is a complete rejection of all the sweet, tasty, from what used to be afforded pleasure. Do not, as an absolute ban could drive a person to neurosis. Food is fun, and depriving yourself of something "sweet" threatens to make life too sweet, not sweet. " Man begins to seek pleasure elsewhere.

You probably know of cases where people stop drinking or smoking, dramatically tolsteli. They began to replace it is a pleasure to others, such as smoking, overeating. Medicine known inverse cases where the drop-outs begin to overeat more often applied to a glass or smoke. But this is not our goal to you? On the other hand, reducing the caloric content of their diet, we accordingly also reduces the amount of vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids and other micro and macronutrients, arriving with food.