No panaceas in this world does not exist. I think that every gardener or the gardener must of multiple technologies with micro-organisms to choose what it is imperative to work out how to apply them for the benefit of our quite cautious about the results of new items, moreover, do not think the em technology a panacea for all evils. From received a letter from va Shevtsov with the materials of the firm's "Busk Plastik, where mastered technology transfer information on the drug EM-1 in the plastic and produce plastic products – EM-pots, trays, em, EM-buckets, em plates, etc., which have the same properties as a drug "Kyusey. Among the materials va Schevtsov and sent me an article from an unknown newspaper "Sun" about the wonders of Japan and other countries of the em ceramics, em clothing and other novelties on the basis of the em "Kyusey, with characteristics that are written in the finest degrees. In my reply I asked Shevtsova role in solving production issues, as I have some hopefully interesting proposals in this regard. Valery A. replied that he was, rather, developer, although it does not like that word, and in love with emochku. From his letters and new applications to it, I finally learned the reason for his cool to em technology. Apparently, in 1999 I purchased concentrate em Kyusey, learned to make from it preparation of EM-1, store it in the refrigerator, because "Kyusey" very well . I enjoyed them a few years and then it seemed to me that some of the chain of micro-organisms over time were lost, and I decided update them with the "Baikal em.

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