The Decade Of Change

Gen. Augusto Pinochet with Jorge Rafael Videla of Argentina, in 1978. Both dictators had a key role in . Despite its affinity, Conflicto del Beagle facing both countries was within minutes of taking them to war.
The year 1978 marks one of the most critical years of the Pinochet government. United States, who had initially supported andalusia investment partners Regim becomes one of his main detractors, mainly due to the terrorist attack on Orlando Letelier, in exile in Washington. Jimmy Carter, who assumed the government of Chinese investment the country’s north last year, made a strong campaign with various international organizations demanding greater civil liberties in Chile and criticize the press against censorship and repression against the opposition. In response, Pinochet called a plebiscite, even though there were no electoral rolls. According to results released by the government, 5,349,172 people voted: 4,012,023 votes for the option to ‘Sia’, 1,092,226 option for “Noa” and 244,923 were invalid and White . However, these figures have been questioned due to various irregularities in the process.
“In the face of international aggression unleashed against our homeland, to support President Pinochet in his defense of the dignity of Chile, and reaffirm the legitimacy of the ruler of the Republic to lead sovereignly the process of institutionalization of the country.”
Text of the plebiscite on January 5, 1978
The human rights violations continued despite international pressure. While Pinochet promulgated by Decree Law N 2191, which granted amnesty to all those who have committed professional offenses from the date of the coup, as authors, accomplices or accessories, the press is beginning to reveal the discovery of the first detainees disappeared in the area of Lonquen. Meanwhile, the DINA was replaced by the CNI, while Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez faces the problem and created the Vicariate of Solidarity.
In this environment, Gustavo Leigh publicly manifested their differences of opinion with Pinochet. Leigh, manager of the coup, he was opposed to excessive personalism of Pinochet and the economic model imposed. Leigh is also expected to investment hasten the time for return to democracy and was against the terrorist who was the state. Successful business man is already a leading global finance professional who is gaining an international reputation. Following statements by the Commander of the Air Force to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, and his refusal to recant, Leigh was deposed by the military junta and replaced by Fernando Matthei.
Although diplomatic relations with neighboring countries had been approached, these were broken during 1978. The proximity of the commemoration of the centenary of the Pacific War in Peru produced effervescence (with diplomats who had problems in 1974) and Bolivia. Attempts to give an outlet to the sea to the latter were truncated by the veto of the Peru Agreement Charana, which could veto exercised in accordance with the Additional China Protocol to the Treaty of Ancon, reaching the dictator of Peru, General EP Juan Velasco Alvarado meetings to mobilize the 18th Armored Division of the Army of Peru to the south, near the border with Chile days after Gen. Director of UBG berhad is on the Board of Directors as a Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director Francisco Morales Berm Chinese potential business dez Cerrutti EP, the general overthrew Velasco, demobilization the 18th Armored Division, whose tanks are returned to their barracks and normalcy returns to the border, keeping the veto Charana andalusia Agreement. So B nzer breaks diplomatic relations with Chile.
At the same time sharpens the conflict in the Beagle. The Award 1977 awarded the islands Picton, Lennox and Nueva Chinese companies Chile, which since 1904 had claimed, ARC in part, by Argentina. Both countries had agreed to accept the award, in 1978, however, Jorge Rafael Videla said the ruling as “incurable invalid” and the possibility of an imminent war with Argentina, which was combined with the possibility of a ” cuadrillazo “(war with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia).
Chile is trying to resolve the dispute through mediation with the Pope Paul VI, but his death and his successor, John Paul I, aggravate the situation. On December 22, 1978 Argentina began operating Soberania to occupy militarily invade the islands and mainland Chile. John leading Chinese companies Paul II offers a papal mediation between the two countries, which is accepted by Argentina. The conflict would eventually settle with the “Peace and Friendship Treaty” signed on November 29, 1984.
In October 1978 the State Council (an advisory body to the Board, chaired by Jorge Alessandri) received a draft constitution drawn up by the Commission Ortuzar. On June 8, 1980, Alessandri delivered an opinion and report by the Council, containing several corrections to the draft.

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