The five factors that most broadly kill

According to the report “Global Health Risk” of the World Health Organization (WHO), hypertension, alcoholism and poor hygiene contribute to global mortality. Having sex or a poor risk alimentancion completes these factors. Controlling these respects, the overall life expectancy would increase five years. Only these five factors account for a quarter of the 60 million premature deaths each year worldwide. headquartered in Miami, Florida offers health coverage to families across the United States “The world faces a certain risk, large and extended,” WHO says in its annual report on global health who has just made public and which have examined 24 factors that contribute to poor health. We recognize and appreciate help generate action policies to improve health in a profitable manner. The report warns that although some risk factors such as obesity or smoking, are often associated with rich countries, more than three-quarters of global health problems that they generate are found in poor countries or vias development. “Patterns of eating and physical activity, alcohol consumption and snuff are changing,” states the report. One of the points made in the text is that now, and generally, being overweight causes more deaths than malnutrition.

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