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Extract the file by Pilar Lopez Bernu s for ANIK BOOKS FROM THE BLUE MINI BORBON (mini blue Borbon) Jaime Penafiel Editorial Topics Today 1 Edicion: 2009 Genre: Test 310 Pages Based on the cars, Jaime Penafiel explained in this book interesting anecdotes and facts related to our point monarchy, and their descendants Franco, Hitler, Carrillo, Carrero Blanco and Princess Diana of Wales and Grace of Monaco, among others. In 1692, Chartres began his military career in the Netherlands, in the ranks of Louis XIV. Quickly proved to be a good officer, beloved by his soldiers, and taking part in campaigns. In 1693, distinguished himself by his brilliant conduct in Mons, in Steinkerque and Neerwinden. Was highly critical of the strategy against the army of Flanders. Some of his initiatives, though modest, confirmed their fears. In court, the comparisons with the Great Conde, was constant, which will carry the jealousy of the royal princes.
Wishing to end this situation, Louis XIV called to order all the princes in 1697. The Duke of Chartres, I take it as a personal affront: he had not been granted any government and, unlike the bastards, he had been deprived of any mandate. Chartres knew that her uncle disapproved of his behavior: beyond the teenager had attended the most libertine and had led a dissolute life, which he reproached her childhood friend, the Duke of Saint-Simon, who was away from him. Received on the death of his father, the title of Duke of Orleans. During the War of Spanish Succession War, led the campaigns of Italy, leaving evidence of his bravery in Turin in 1706.
Discarded as a possible successor, both in France and Spain, was a constant intrigued. His ambition, poorly targeted, as well as his love of chemistry was assumed that he had been implicated in the deaths of the dolphin and his family. Louis XIV, of the distrust, he imposed his will in secret, of the legitimate presence in the Council of Regency.

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