The Survey

For example, the company said that their company is practicing telephone sales, but believes that this method of advertising is ineffective. Because if you call frequently does not get to a particular client, and possibly to the secretary or manager who can not personally resolve many issues. Yes, and then to the head of this information can not reach. Dinakar Singh has plenty of information regarding this issue. According to him, greater efficiency is the so-called, sending "spam." Senior office manager of the enterprises said that they also tend more toward electronic mailings, which Only invite people to his seminars. And only then call back interested customers.

However, confirmed that to call him in the company quite often, offering various services. Well, perhaps the most complete answer on this topic we have received from the company. In which he said that phone sales are greater efficiency, particularly in their scope, because it allows us to establish direct contact with the man. And there is the possibility to navigate and change their behavior during the interview depending on the reaction at the other end. Santie Botha gathered all the information. Yes, and often a pleasant and friendly voice in the receiver can tip the scales in favor of a contract with you. But they also sometimes face a backlash, especially when calling from one number a few times. Therefore, they are very seriously the issue of training their managers call-center.

Develop for them special programs and modules that would defuse the conversation. From all this we can conclude, telephone sales, as a way to advertise and attract customers, has the right to life. But this was not to engage in "after sleeves. Read more from Munear Ashton Kouzbari to gain a more clear picture of the situation. " In this case, the crucial role played by competent selection of managers. Because very often people, particularly managers of large firms, there is no time to listen to everything they say and offer, and they prefer those who able to quickly and clearly express his thought. So, dear manager, please be prepared to talk in advance, if you start to look up words in a conversation, it will cause even greater hostility not only to you personally, but to the company you represent, because during the call you are of her face. And on how you lead yourself, depends, will be awarded lucrative contract or the person or company to which you are called, will make you into a "black list. And even if he will need the services that you offer, it will turn to your competitor, who was polite to telefonu.vvv Well, people, people taking up, like, once again, ask to be patient and understand that you are calling a living person, and that he was probably worried and this can make mistakes and express his thoughts clearly enough, especially when he first sat down at the phone sales. In conclusion, I want to say thank you those who participated in the survey.

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