The Thesis

Remember: all chapters without exception must support what is enshrined in the thesis of your eBook. If not, the thesis does not belong to your eBook or chapters are not well focused. For example, in his thesis is You might find: after an exhaustive study about the insomnia experienced in our lives, we have chosen twenty techniques and proven methods to ensure quiet sleep all night search for a reason to publish your eBook. Once you have your thesis, until you begin to write, note if there is a good reason to publish your eBook, this is necessary to ask these questions: your eBook presents useful information and this information is now relevant? Your eBook will positively affect the lives of its readers? Your eBook is dynamic and will attract the reader’s attention? Your eBook answers significant questions and solves a problem in particular? If you can answer these questions for yourself, you can feel safe from the potential of your eBook. Define who will be your audience. Another important step is to define who will be your audience. This is the Group of people whom you will write and direct all elements of your eBook. Such as; style, tone, diction and uniformity.

Also decide the age range of its readers, its genre in general, what are your needs and even also identify the socio-economic group they belong to. In addition, wondering if they are the type of people that usually read eBooks?, if they prefer physical books or are used to spend entire hours online? Find out more about their possible readers, the easier it will be to write an ebook for them. Draw up a list of objectives to meet then, make a list of the reasons why you are writing an eBook; for example, would like to promote a business?, do you want generates traffic to your web site?, need enhance their credibility or reputation?.

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