User: Richard Diaz Chuquipiondo
What are the Finance Knowledge
By: Mr. Richard Diaz Chuquipiondo
For a knowledge has strategic value, to be known by few and have high economic returns. Knowledge management training standard operating knowledge within organizations, this means increasing the commercial value while reducing the strategic value.
Finance Knowledge, which is my contribution to the development of customer service organizations, operates differently, rearranged the cognitive world, unknown to the company, but necessary for its development and features of different ways within the companies.
What type is the Knowledge Capital
It’s financial capital, as it provides realization, triumphs, in some cases health and long life. You are indivisible, personal, nontransferable, nonnegotiable and high depreciation. The communication can facilitate the development of knowledge, but by no means the transfer thereof.
Parents do not inherit knowledge, if compatible, in chemical terms, it is possible to construct the method of study, years later father and son will have the same ideas, not biological relationship, but because they examine the same way. Many human beings not being satisfied with their parents, looking for a model compatible with them, which may be the grandfather’s brother, even a figure of history.
Knowledge Components
Information: Is the data that relate to form knowledge. But today the easy access to data and business conduct of supporters of business on the third world have estimated this component of knowledge.
OS: It is that which has been built from the physical relationship with something.
Reflective: The projection of the relation of a set of datas which provides knowledge to organize.
Analytical: The reorganization of our cognitive world.
All human beings have these components in their brains and are constantly interacting, but when one of these is the majority, he entered as a type of knowledge.
An example:
A businesswoman low academic training one day wonder, why the professors who are doctors in administration do not do their business rather than wanting to teach my lead mine. The response: The professors have a lot of information on business and during classes where operators develop their professional lives, consider how we can improve corporate governance, and such proposals can help you build alternatives to contrast them with reality, this process is the right analytical for ideas skills provided by the teachers will serve to build a better future to their present.
One we solve the problem and lead us to success. But the most difficult to find is the analytical and people who build such knowledge might be considered the millionaires of this city.
As knowledge management arises
The book ‘The age of discontinuity’, published by Peter Druker where there is a section called ‘Knowledge Society’, a genre that many people describe the existence of new paradigms, and spread the idea of links starting a ‘new reality’, all this is simply a fiction, because no Perter Druker described a corporate phenomenon, but simply the acceleration of a process.
Since the establishment of 8 working hours, was generated in the market demand for technology capable of reducing labor costs, taking into account that most corporations do cost leadership, urgently needed to cool the template, innovation in this circumstance the computer and information technology are oriented industrial activities.
With the incorporation of computer and information technology to production processes, generate a demand for employees trained to handle this new technology, this situation is added the fact that the old guard left the business direction of its businesses, which were pyramidal organizations repressive initiatives.
Peter Drucker looks like the company is low-level employees who have a standard higher coaching than their heads, these little entrepreneurs to feel welcome, where they hear or start their ventures, the creators of concepts recommend strategy or management direct marketing word of mouth, to re-connect with customers.
In vain have an industrial potential, but have no customer loyalty and those with leaders this responsibility are the lowest staff at the corporate level: the vendors, security personnel, secretaries, this is where the Information Technologies and Communication (ICT) offer to extract and channel information to enable corporate development.
The middle class in the corporations are the stabilizers of the processes, but in times of change are those who least want to adapt their mental routines.

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