Someone else can see, but his own and do not notice. So celebrate invented to fill someone's purse western holidays. It is necessary finally to reconsider its attitude to this matter, as in the first place violated the spiritual and morals. This year, finally ceased to celebrate Valentine's Day. First, he stopped to consider this day a holiday, and secondly, I have a more significant event relating to the 14th of February. I was still at school a little surprised at the behavior of many people that day. So, some of you for almost a year enmity, had cool relations, and here at you, heart as a gift.

Where is happiness? We really love each other? First you need to think about at least the second name: Valentine's Day. And something all the time confused with the day "vlyublyaniya all." It's two different things! Come to their senses! Then try to find the final information about the creation of this celebration of its origin. Sea legends, but all such vague. But there is also the financial aspect of this action, and it is probably the basis of a long and turbulent life of the Valentine's day in the world. Total cash costs on the day of St.. Valentine's is second only to Christmas and new year! Think about the scale! From this follows a rather simple explanation presented correctly, properly hyped, properly heated permanent interest of the company, who earn relatively small sums are not.

Example: on such request in Google first, I found this, 14.7 billion dollars Americans spent in 2009 on the feast of St.. Valentine's Day. And do not forget we have a lot of their, beautiful holidays with exciting stories that we just do not know much. Let's celebrate them, because they are closer to us.

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