Viral Marketing

Having a strong brand, your company will: – increase both the quantity and quality of job applicants – reduces turnover rate – increases overall employee productivity. 7 elements of successful branding of employer: People need to know about your company's management and its benefits. Publicity is a way of life in leading companies. Let them talk. Necessary to obtain public recognition: a mention in the press, interviews with the appearance in the rankings, especially in the so-called "Lists of best employers." To do this: a) that your managers were able to speak and write well, and b) managers should communicate more with reporters and editors.

"Viral Marketing". In companies with good branding themselves tell employees about the benefits of your company both inside and outside the organization. They become "carriers," the benefits of working at your company to their friends, families, co-workers or even casual fellow-travelers on planes or trains. It is more important than when you do distribute this information. You must be (at least, want to become) a company which equals, in which the study, in which "borrow" methods of management and which is itself actively applies benchmarking. Your future employees need to know more about you. Best of all potential candidates can learn about management practices in your company's Internet web site. Creating a brand requires intensive effort and time.

Branding has to change and improve continuously. Create (or develop) a corporate system of professional development. It's not only 2-3 training per year. This corporate "University", "school of a certain specialist" mentoring system, a list of books, sources for compulsory reading, and more.

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