Virtual Memory Paging

Although the exchange of these modules to be made for the system, the division of the program had of being made by the programmer. In robust programs, this division gave work very, thus did not delay very to think itself about atribuir this task to the computer. For this a method was conceived (Fotheringham, 1961) that he was known as virtual memory, that uses one sophisticated technique of management of memory, where the core storages and secondary are agreed, giving the illusion to exist a bigger memory that the core storage. That is, the virtual memory is one technique that uses part of the HD as if it was a memory RAM, thus the operational system executes applications same that the programs in execution the capacity of the memory surpasses. The operational system works moving for the record the content of the core storage that not yet was used, liberating space for new applications and leaving the data that had been moved in wait way, so that they are used when later necessary. She is necessary to point out that when the user makes use of the virtual memory, the performance of the computer tends to fall and to be more brando, therefore the access to the HD is slower than of the core storage. Although everything, the virtualizao of memory is not used constantly as in few years behind, had to great increase of the capacity of the memory RAM, that currently can exceed 8 Gbs, practically excluding any necessity of virtual memory, but in some cases it still is used.

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