Virtualization Seems To Be Fun

Study of the COC AG: company with predominantly positive benefit assessment and further investment intentions the virtualization technologies seem in practice of enterprises to have arrived. A survey of the COC AG, on the existence of the user name above all cost savings advantage comes to this conclusion. However the previous virtualization a good portion of the company not problem free designed himself. Two-thirds of the companies evaluate the results of their virtualization positively, some see even surpassed their expectations. Only a small group of seven percent shows disappointed by the results.

On the question of what benefits have found the biggest agreement, more than two-thirds of the nearly 140 surveyed managers specify the relief administration expenses. 31 Percent, however, emphasize the cost savings effected by the virtualization projects according to the COC survey, while for everyone else especially the flexibility or safety stands as an important effect in the foreground. The positive Opinion with regard to the benefits of these technologies is however, that for most of the companies the concrete realization of the projects has proved difficult. In not even one-third of the company implementation of technical measures as largely ran without problems, while 58 per cent of respondents at least partially hurdles are overcome had to. In every fifth case the project realization developed according to the IT Manager even very problematic. But, this does not in the interest of the company on a further commitment in virtualization technologies.

About half of the companies want more projects follow anyway, in addition 29 percent are at least related plans. Only approx. every 5 respondents has not made a decision regarding future virtualizing, or there are currently no further investment. The virtualization technology meets generally high level of acceptance among users,”rated Peter Reschka, management research & Development as well as infrastructure services at the COC AG, the results. That it was however still not anywhere around in the project realization, he, however, considered a little surprising insight. Many businesses with server and desktop virtualization in particular have entered technical new country, where they could fall back on a limited experience and knowledge”, explains Peter Reschka. Therefore, he recommends them already for the design of the future solution to ensure a transfer of experience to the project expenses and to optimize the cost. It is also at the virtualizing eminent important, to know the critical success factors to ensure a possible lean implementation.”

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