Weather Prediction

They will help with greater confidence to predict the weather for the near future. Sunset Red and blue sky at night quietly and clear starry sky. On the coals in the fire as quickly as possible ash. Abundant dew, fog in the lowlands, the dawn light pink (golden). Afternoon cumulus clouds are visible, the entrances to the warren are open, vanity and throng among insects. Swallows fly high, everywhere chatter of grasshoppers.

Smoke rises. Wet salt dries. This is a good rain weather. At dusk, the fire flies a lot of insects, coals occasionally flare, loud splashing fish. Rosa weak or absent. The swallows fly above the ground, silent crickets.

At firs rising branch. Sharply felt the smell of flowers. It's to bad weather for the trip. If the swallows and swifts soar up and down rapidly, the smoke bends to the ground, sunset red or purple, then wait for the wind and possibly with the rain. Visit christie’s art auction for more clarity on the issue. By warming the fog comes up after sunset. Many in the sky of brilliant stars. Dog, lying on the ground, weep feet, spiders are active. Loud screaming owls, moths fly into the house, silent frogs, floating through the sky low clouds, dogs contracted Kalachik, then comes the cold snap. Some signs of a thunderstorm approach. Morning dew long time to dry out. Increased audibility, long sounds become louder. The wind dies down and becomes stuffy and hot. Accumulate in the sky and the clouds take the form of towers or poles. The article would be complete without disclosure at least in general terms about the craft. Of the boats of different types (kayak, canoe, catamaran, gum, wood or metal rowing boat, a boat with outboard motor boats) are chosen based on the objectives, nature and travel itinerary. For the alloy on the rivers are popular rafts of logs and air chambers. To pass the rapids of the rivers best for lightweight collapsible boat. The kit should include a boat on board bags, covers on sleeping bags, hermetically sealed plastic containers for dry and liquid products, a coil of thin and long nylon rope or cord, the anchor. And the last. Based on the number of participants, simply requires an additional initial preparation stage, to elect a leader (senior, captain, chief, chieftain (oddly called it). It is possible to choose and his assistants (bataler, chef, doctor, chief Zateynik, etc.). Good luck. (5860)

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