Web Booking

A booking engine is the tool that allows visitors to the website of a particular hotel, through it, a fully automatic, efficient and safe reservation. Do not give the necessary importance is a serious error, should always be considered for what it is: the true heart of every web site of hospitality and accommodation. We must not forget that these websites are designed with the primary objective of attracting guests and increase the amount of reserves. When hiring a website booking engine, the first point to evaluate is cost. In general, booking engines handled their rates using two types of different modalities: the reservation fee and the fixed fee.

The first modality does not imply fixed to the hotel cost, since you only pay a percentage of every booking is made effective through the engine. The second, on the contrary, consists a monthly fixed cost independent reserves achieved by the hotel. Obviously, the first alternative is only interesting in the case of small ventures that just starting and not have the luxury of adding fixed costs. Excluded this group, for the already consolidated enterprises is recommended without a doubt mode of fixed fee. Taken once a decision on this point will come when evaluating the characteristics of each motor itself, comparing key features such as ease of operation, managerial efficiency and the capacity of each to adapt to the requirements and needs of each company. The ideal booking engine is the one that is easy and quick to operate for the customer, and that can be managed by the staff of the hotel without the need for prior computer knowledge. Some of the most advanced have been multiplying its menu of options with the passage of time, and now allow, for example, the access of authorized travel agencies who wish to register their customers and a service of instant sms that sends to the mobile phone of the customer a confirmation of the reservation, with all relevant data of the including operation. Many hotels today choose to take these sms as evidence of reserves, further streamlining the dynamics of your business and avoiding, and avoiding its guests, unnecessary loss of time.

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