What is corporate social responsibility

There are many places where you can learn these concepts.Wikipedia defines CSR as: active and voluntary contribution to improving social, economic and environmental issues by companies with the aim of improving their competitive position and value and added value. Here, I highlight three general types of CSR do well. The first is that, apart from its enforcement of laws, of course, the company can fulfill its social responsibility in doing what it does well and better business in all parts of its business, including its treatment of employees, customers and suppliers.As to their suppliers, can help and encourage them to also follow the same paths of CSR, always beyond the laws that are required to comply. In countries where laws are less stringent or nonexistent, in terms of social responsibility, companies can follow the highest standards in these countries and help raise levels of CSR for all firms. This is the RSC in its business directly and it is the obligation of the company. The second is that the company can use technology, knowledge, infrastructure business to participate in activities outside their company to do well.For example, a technology company can take the technology developed in its normal business use, or allow its use in activities that are not part of your business. This activity is not the company’s daily requirement but may be beneficial for the company to meet. The third is pure charity, where he used company funds to help the disadvantaged. Companies should make the first, can do the second and the third should allow for its shareholders.

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