History In

History In its principles to be very focused goregrind Chronic Infection and made up according to themes that style, where they release a demo promotion in 2000 with highly corrosive: chronic infection, Defiler, internal rot, Leucorrhoea, Acarus scabiei and Hysterectomy The influence of the band with time changes and will develop more technical but if you lose there guttural voices born in 2001 the promotional demo “Suffering in Life” with 4 tracks: Behind the door, Torture Corporal, Repulsive Conception and Cannibal Instinct. Also in late 2001 Compiled involved in Argentina’s most important is the NAHUEL this time was its third ion and entering compiled with 2 demo tracks from his latest promotion: Repulsive Conception and Cannibal Instinct. To enter the mid 2002 compilation “BUCKETS OF BLOOD Vol 1,” released by Canadian label Bloodbucket Productions.After many lineup changes left to chronic infections almost 3 years without doing anything and only in 2005 launched a mini-CD “Under the skin,” pulling the subjects more brutal death metal but with great technique, subjects are: Mass grave, Parasite, The color of the quartering, Buried alive and irreversible. The publication of test video “Irreversible”. Released by the CM (Canal de la Musica) in the CM program Heavy. In February 2009 it was recorded “Behind the Light” CD of the band first independent production. Recorded at the studios of “La Nave de Oseberg” (Buenos Aires) Mixed and Mastered by Sebastian Manta. Consisting of 11 items and 1 bonus track.

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