Wallet Businesses

The social importance of these businesses makes it difficult the operations of control for the Governments, that finish creating adapted structures, or cameldromos, for the organization of these companies. The difference between a formal and informal job inhabits in the rights that the employee starts to have, that they go since the members of labor party until the previdencirio. When signing the Wallet of Work and Previdncia Social (CTPS), the employee has the right to receive the benefits from the Law N 5,452, of 1 of May of 1943 & ndash; CLT. The Governments searching to fight the informality have servant diverse devices for the formalizao of the informal entrepreneurs, inside of which if it detaches Microempreendedor Individual (MEI) that it provides that the enrolled one in this program is not subject to the incidence of the Income tax of Pessoa Jurdica (IRPJ), of the Tax of Produto Industrializado (IPI), of the Social Contribution on Lucro Lquido (CSLL), of the Contribution for the Financing of Seguridade Social (COFINS), of the Program of Integrao Social (PIS), and of the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS) patronal. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Kiyosaki. The majority of the responsible entrepreneurs for small businesses identifies that the biggest impediment for its companies this in the lack of capital or, then, in the lack of credit and financing of the sales. In such a way this research had as objective to identify to the degree of formalizao and level of control countable-financier of the enterprises of the Shopping Independence in Saint Maria, beyond the partner-economic profile and degree of satisfaction of its entrepreneurs. This research had intention to allow the evaluation of the performance financier, to identify to perspectives of future results for enterprises in the Shopping Independence in Saint Maria and to define profile of operating entrepreneur in cameldromo, in order to serve of model for new projects or plans of business in this branch and to point possible chances of economic growth with respect to the existing businesses. .


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Brazil Workers

The small food production, with the deficiencies of the supplying system, pressured the prices wholesale of the products agricultural, that chagavam if to raise above of the General Index of Preos (IGP) during the 1960/1964 years of. To face the supplying crises, the federal government was armed of legislation and of extraordinary instruments, it reorganized the sector I publish, creating the Brazilian bell of Alimentao (COBAL) and the Brazilian bell of storage (CIBRAZEM), and still strengthened the controlling and fiscalizador paper of the SUNAD (THIN, 1997, p.217). The great structural problems of Brazilian agriculture continued not being equated or decided, and the omission more notable says respect ace interdependent questions of the relations of work and the agrarian structure. One of estimated basic of the agricultural politics in vigor the time inhabited in the belief of that the intent agrarian structure did not represent none empecilho to the increase of sectorial production and of the productivity. The decade of 1950 was marked by the emergency of the social fights in the field and by the organization of the social movements of peasants and agricultural workers, demanding above all the land redistribution and the instauration of the labor laws.

The foundation of the ULTAB – Union of the Farmers and Agricultural Workers in Brazil, of 1954 and the organization of the first league peasant in Pernambuco, in 1955, was the initial landmark of this movement, that would culminate with the foundation of the CONTAG – National Confederation of the Workers of Agriculture in 1963. In the same year, it was promulgated, the statute of the agricultural worker, extending to the agricultural workers some of the rights that much time has had been granted to the urban workers: professional register, remunerated weekly rest, vacation, Christmas bonus, and others. As for the agrarian reform, the resistance of the congress, beyond the inhibiting devices of the land dispossession, enrolled in 1946 constitution, had a conduction of the debates to an institucional impasse and nothing it was materialize.

Improvement Of Work Conditions

This material has as objective to demonstrate the necessity of the application of a motivacional model in a corporation for the improvement of the work conditions aiming at advantages for the group and the individual in inserted it. The objective of this work is not to point a tool as reference with respect to the application of the motivation and yes to demonstrate some of the existing tools without detaching any preference for some theory mentioned here. 2.0 – Search for the motivation The motivation is the reason for which a person this determining to reach an objective that of certain forms satisfies it, using this concept we can observe the reason of the companies to be searching a team motivated or a tool to motivate it. In accordance with Walnut, Arnaldo J.F. Mazzei General Theory of the Administration for Century XXI (p 136 So Paulo 2007) & ldquo; The mannering approach had its on origin the diverse aspects: the movement for well-being of the workers, the Christian thought and humanist, the evolution of psychology applied to the industry, the importance of the informal groups and its dynamics, the studies on the human factor and the behavior of the controlling and you lead of them of organizaes.& rdquo; In accordance with Walnut, Arnaldo J.F. Mazzei General Theory of the Administration for Century XXI (p 136 So Paulo 2007) & ldquo; However the work is a situation specifies and intricate, in which the personal characteristics confrot with the nature and the conditions of work defined by the organizations. This wants to say that it is difficult to combine the impulse and the desire of each person with the situation of trabalho.& rdquo; The motivation must leave of the individual desire of each integrant one of a group being able to be activated by the environment in which this inserted one, to the measure that the work group is if entrosando the motivation of each individual of the group will be raised, being thus the faster results will be in friendlier way, but to get this period of training tools must be used that will be of extreme necessity to not only give an initial step, but also to keep the motivation of the team.


What it inside happens of the company will have that to reflect in the house of the collaborator, the community, the region the city, this it is what I call repercussion waves. We can even though think about divulging the mark through the Twitter, Youtube, facebook, orkut, blogs, etc, the atingimento will not be the same, is the same that to divulge approximately for a public of 98% that nothing it has with our region. If this is good or not, it goes of each organization, to be known of polar region the polar region of the planet is interesting, but the question that I make is: which the financial result this goes to represent? Clearly that it is good for placing the company in the social nets, this of a it a virtual social identity, but for the internal communication does not have no relationship. The Marketing is the responsible one in the spreading of its mark external (Brandig Marketing), that nothing more it is of what a tool to attract the customers and consumers for its mark. The Endomarketing, before attracting external customers and consumers, first go to acquire knowledge the internal customers (Collaborating) of its mark through action of communication. The leaders are the main agents, are the main media of vehicle of communication in the organizations, are they responsible true them for the reinforcement of this relation, who goes to involve and to compromise the collaborators inside of one same one felt. We have that to understand the words, the verbal communication is above all the most important media of relationship walls, them, posters, folders, petty cashes of suggestions, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., are only one way of support to fortify the verbal communication. I have observed that the people inside of the organizations are making accurately the opposite, having given emphasis to the posters, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., ' ' achando' ' that they are making ' ' OF TUDO' ' , but the results are not visible.

The Product

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This stage is conducted by arts. 44 the 48, of the Law n 8.666/93. After declaration of the qualification, the bidder participates of the session of opening of the envelopes with the proposal written. As Peixoto (2001) at this moment occurs the inversion of the licitatrio process where instead of being open first the envelopes of qualification, as in the too much modalities, of – first the opening of the envelopes I contend the written proposals. According to professor Maral Justen Son (2008), the contrary proposals with the proclamation or the law are declassified and pass to be examined only the proposals whose content if finds inside of the demanded parameters.

' ' To leave from there, it is proceeded you launch it verbal successive to be made for the bidder whom the lesser price presented and for others who have presented prices up to 10% above, until if he classifies the proposal most advantageous for the Administrao' ' (Peixoto, 2001, p.2). In the proclamation, the Administration after to receive the proposals verbal, chooses that one with lesser price and celebrates the contract with the author of it. In accordance with Barossi (2008) the Administration after the definition of the winner proceeds the homologation and adjudication from the proposal before the formalizao the administrative contract, that must be made in compliance with arts. 66 and 67, of the law of licitations. The development of this licitatrio process is exemplificado to follow (Table 1 and Graph 1), with the analysis of the classification and the comparison of prices between them you launch initials and ends made for companies who had participated of a presumption actual proclamation carried through by the City council of a city for the acquisition of fuels for supplying of the vehicles of the same one. Table 1: Final classification of the participant companies of the proclamation and description of the product and its values.