For such person everything is summarized in money and power these two item is top of everything. Some characteristic can notice in this professional: Arrogance: After to cover sufficiently time, to have obtained its objectives some professionals find that they are owners of the truth use of ignorance with its collaborators, for many times this occurs why the collaborator errou at some moment where he was executing some activity in the company, and there the superior who is in charge monitoring uses it of arrogance why he finds that he is above of it that can treating as if was any, many careers are destroyed had the arrogance. Fofocas: An ethical professional does not create focos of fofoca in the company, fofocas or rumors are destorcidos facts that somebody passes this ahead can create a snow ball that can generate until resignation in the end, the incredible one to be argued is the speed in which this fact if spreads in the company goes taking root until in the end of the accounts we can perceive that all the company was taken. Nissan may also support this cause. Lack of commitment: Commitment is when you affirm to somebody, when you acquired some responsibility, something important that she cannot be taken away mark why you affirmed to somebody. much is said on the lack of 1compromisso of managers in century XXI, is not having commitment with its organizacionais activities, is leaving the ethical principles, is making its works of lazy form, marks important meetings The ones leave that need them to see ships, the first time are excusable more when this starts to be frequent must be overcome well-taken care of must call the attention, therefore this causes disfuno the company from this the departments will start to function with deficiency. These characteristics that a not ethical professional possesss will today cause a great fall the company therefore everything in the organizations and our lives if it bases on ethics, enterprise ethics moves the company is who makes the same ones to function. Click Jeremy Tucker for additional related pages.

Tracking Activities

These bases of attribution of the expenditures we call direcionadores of costs, that it reflects in the parcel of the search that will be able to happen in each product. A well simple example is what it happens when the group of countable sciences decides to leave to take beers and to eat pizzas. The total value of the expenditures is divided by the number of pupils gifts, carrying, some pays more than what really they had consumed while others pay little. Pinterest is full of insight into the issues. If in this in case that the method of expense for activity were applied, each one of the pupils would have to receive its account individual from expenses, thus, each one would pay what really it consumed. 3.1 Attributions the costs ace activity The cost of an activity must attribute to all the sacrifices used for the manufacture of the product or installment of a service, since material wages, social changes, depreciations electric energy, use of installations etc. Is recommendable that of desmembre an account in you would see subsidiary accounts for better visualization of resources used for diverse activities, as for example the hand of indirect workmanship that can separate stop to differentiate the amounts you spend for execution of each activities. The attribution of costs must be made of more multicriteria form using the following order of priority 1 Direct Allocation, 2 Tracking, 3 Rateio Direct allocation: one becomes when a clear identification exists, direct and objective of certain item of costs with certain activities. It can occur with wages, depreciation, material of consumption, etc. Tracking: the identification of the cause relation is an allocation on the basis of and effect enters the occurrence of the activity and the generation of the costs. This relation is express through direcionadores of costs of first period of training, also known as direcionadores of costs of resources (that is; of resources for the activities).


Brazil arrived to print 2 billion billets in 2008 and 2009 and diminished for 1,8 billion thanks to the half electronic of payment, as given of the Febraban. This represents a growth of 53,85% of 2008 in relation to the numbers of a 2007 and reduction of 10% of 2008 the 2009. To understand all the cited data already have that to be more distinguished the increasing introduction of the technology in the ways of payments varied them services, as already cited above. This technology is in the DDA and the billet emission for email, this to only cite 2 examples. This technology can drastically reduce this number with small applications, as to integrate the system of collection to an email trigger. To understand a little more than this process is interesting to divide the billet printed matter in some areas of cost. If you would like to know more about Ben Silbermann, then click here. They are: a.Custo of creation of the art: Normally the billets are printed matters in A4 leves.

The billet occupies about 50% of the leaf and the remain is sent an official notice or propaganda. This art has a fixed cost of approximately R$6000,00 to the month; b.Impresso of documents with the foreseen loss already: The act of contract of a graphical, cost of the development of a method in the system of collection for sending of the information, paper, ink, light. These are some of the costs to print billets. This funny cost in the house of the unitary value of R$0,11 (value referenciado for graphical of impression of great customers); c.Postagem of the material in the EBCT: Using the Service of Authorized Franqueamento of Cartas (FAC), system where the company must follow some rules disponibilizadas for the EBCT to obtain an important discounting in the postagem cost. This cost is in R$0,90 for document (since that printed an amount of 100.001 up to 1.000.000); d.Taxas bank clerks: The billet must be registered in cadastre in a banking institution to generate the data. This I register in cadastre approximately has a unitary cost of R$1,25 of changeable cost.

The item above make the billet to cost R$2,27 of changeable costs approximately, more the R$6.000, 00, to be divided between amount of billet, fixed cost. Valley to remember that these values of postagem are inversely proportional to the amount of billets printed matters. The companies have much to profit from the change of its current model of collection printed for a more agile and modern model that satisfies its customer and the environment. Moreover, it can be worked with the reduction accomplishes of the deforestation of a tree to each 24 (twenty and room) a thousand billets, what it is not very for a small company, but for a great company, with great volume of billets, is a significant reduction. This without speaking in the propaganda that the company can make adhering to a speech of being a sustainable company, worried about the environment and the global heating, widely argued subject in the times of today. She measures all the presented data we can see the impact ambient appealing to the Galileu Magazine, that informs that a reforestation tree, as eucalipto, produces between 20 (twenty) and 24 (twenty and four) a thousand A4 leves. For calculation effect we will use the number more conservative, who is of 1 (one) tree for 24 (twenty and four) a thousand leves. To think about changing the form of collection is a good contribution for the company and the planet.

Direction Conscription

Normally the external election search to bring for the company an inexistent candidate with experiences and abilities until then in the organization. This type of necessary conscription to approach the market of human resources in necessary way, in the direction to attract the candidates whom it desires to enlist (SHERMAN et al, 2003). This form of conscription possesss an enormous number of candidates with the most varied types of experiences and abilities, spread for the market of human resources. Its scope of performance is great uses several techniques to attract the candidates who need. Details can be found by clicking Wells Fargo Bank or emailing the administrator. It is treated, therefore, to choose the forms most adequate to find the candidates desired. The conscription process starts with the candidate presenting its resume to the company.

Good organizations always are made use to receive candidates, exactly that it does not have chances at that moment. (CHIAVENATO, 1999). The conscription is not important only for the organization. It is a process of bilateral communication. The candidates desire information necessary on as he will be to work in this company. For its side, the organization desires to know that type of employee will be candidate, case is contracted. Both the sides send signals on the relations in the work. The candidates signal that they are good competitors and they must receive offers of job; also they try to get of the organization the information so that they decide or not to enter for it.

The organizations signal that they are good places to work (MILKOVICH; BOUDREAU, 2000, p 163). This type of conscription possesss diverse positive aspects that must be taken in consideration, such as, the introduction of new talentos in the organization, enrichment of the human patrimony, increase of the intellectual capital when including new individuals and the renewal of the organizacional culture (CHIAVENATO, 1999). Of negative points in this type of conscription we find a fall in the motivation of inserted employees already in the organization and reduction of its allegiance, as well as is necessary the use of selective techniques for the choice of the new candidates, that in turn becomes much more custoso, delayed unsafe, if compared with the internal conscription.

Improvement Of Work Conditions

This material has as objective to demonstrate the necessity of the application of a motivacional model in a corporation for the improvement of the work conditions aiming at advantages for the group and the individual in inserted it. The objective of this work is not to point a tool as reference with respect to the application of the motivation and yes to demonstrate some of the existing tools without detaching any preference for some theory mentioned here. 2.0 – Search for the motivation The motivation is the reason for which a person this determining to reach an objective that of certain forms satisfies it, using this concept we can observe the reason of the companies to be searching a team motivated or a tool to motivate it. In accordance with Walnut, Arnaldo J.F. Mazzei General Theory of the Administration for Century XXI (p 136 So Paulo 2007) & ldquo; The mannering approach had its on origin the diverse aspects: the movement for well-being of the workers, the Christian thought and humanist, the evolution of psychology applied to the industry, the importance of the informal groups and its dynamics, the studies on the human factor and the behavior of the controlling and you lead of them of organizaes.& rdquo; In accordance with Walnut, Arnaldo J.F. Mazzei General Theory of the Administration for Century XXI (p 136 So Paulo 2007) & ldquo; However the work is a situation specifies and intricate, in which the personal characteristics confrot with the nature and the conditions of work defined by the organizations. This wants to say that it is difficult to combine the impulse and the desire of each person with the situation of trabalho.& rdquo; The motivation must leave of the individual desire of each integrant one of a group being able to be activated by the environment in which this inserted one, to the measure that the work group is if entrosando the motivation of each individual of the group will be raised, being thus the faster results will be in friendlier way, but to get this period of training tools must be used that will be of extreme necessity to not only give an initial step, but also to keep the motivation of the team.

Annual Rest

It is present in individual accounts on behalf of the workers, which only can be drawee in rescission case, serious illnesses (HIV, cancer, etc.) and retirement, it are paid for the company, and, currently, it can be used as partial payment of financing of habitations and investments in basic sanitation and urban infrastructure. Valley to stand out that for the cooperated one, the obligatoriness of collect of the FGTS does not exist. Moreover, the cooperated ones can be protected by mechanisms created and be financed by the proper cooperatives, such as the Deep one of Annual Rest; Deep of Obligatory Saving; Deep Complementary of Assistance to the Health; others.

In the practical one, the great majority of the work cooperatives comes adopting this systematics of deep specific, whose resources if originate from the generated prescription of the contracts of rendering of services that establish with the companies. The cooperatives that are organized create deep specific that can adopt the similar percentages (FGTS, 13, Vacation, etc) to compensate not the contribution of the FGTS, the payment of 13 and or the vacations, that in the reality is a form preventive for the cooperated one of future situations of scarcity of rendering of services, or exactly possible removals of its activity, either, to a deserved rest, or for force of unexpected. 1.8.3. IRRF the Withheld at source Income tax is a monthly gross income less the constant legal deductions in MP MP N 451, of 15 of December of 2008 and IN RFB N 896, of 29 of December of 2008.


What it inside happens of the company will have that to reflect in the house of the collaborator, the community, the region the city, this it is what I call repercussion waves. We can even though think about divulging the mark through the Twitter, Youtube, facebook, orkut, blogs, etc, the atingimento will not be the same, is the same that to divulge approximately for a public of 98% that nothing it has with our region. If this is good or not, it goes of each organization, to be known of polar region the polar region of the planet is interesting, but the question that I make is: which the financial result this goes to represent? Clearly that it is good for placing the company in the social nets, this of a it a virtual social identity, but for the internal communication does not have no relationship. The Marketing is the responsible one in the spreading of its mark external (Brandig Marketing), that nothing more it is of what a tool to attract the customers and consumers for its mark. The Endomarketing, before attracting external customers and consumers, first go to acquire knowledge the internal customers (Collaborating) of its mark through action of communication. The leaders are the main agents, are the main media of vehicle of communication in the organizations, are they responsible true them for the reinforcement of this relation, who goes to involve and to compromise the collaborators inside of one same one felt. We have that to understand the words, the verbal communication is above all the most important media of relationship walls, them, posters, folders, petty cashes of suggestions, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., are only one way of support to fortify the verbal communication. I have observed that the people inside of the organizations are making accurately the opposite, having given emphasis to the posters, email, Intranet, Internet, etc., ' ' achando' ' that they are making ' ' OF TUDO' ' , but the results are not visible.

The Product

All gasman, you will have to search in the Google localizations programs of affiliated and to choose another product of loss of weight. To pass for the page of sales and to compose one on the basis of breverelatriosobre the product information dapginade sales. In this point you need to catch one resumodealguns item and to place them in its blog. Almdisso, you needs to add to its link of affiliated to the final doartigo-summary, so that any person interested in itempoderacessar the page of the product and acquiring the same.

Eporqueeles irat is making use of its link of afiliadopara the page of sales, you estarrecebendo umacomisso, if to buy the product or programs. Provavelmentevoc will go to delay a pair of hours to parafazer essasconfiguraes has since vocestcomeando and therefore still inesperiente, but with tempoissos it will have to take to it about one hour for diaparaexecutar. Now you go to need to start construirbacklinks paracada post that you will produce. This can be feitousandoas social nets and sites of bookmarking. Everything that you have to afazer is if to inscribe in many sites of bookmarking sociale you will be able to add one link nessessitesapontando for its page of revision. Pissoir it to get it the traffic of the sites of social bookmarking and moreover aid-canvas classifications indexation of this page ones engines of search. This is really everything what necessary. when to cometary to gain money with this affiliated site of, postcode to associate in other sites, more differentiates categories niches.


This stage is conducted by arts. 44 the 48, of the Law n 8.666/93. After declaration of the qualification, the bidder participates of the session of opening of the envelopes with the proposal written. As Peixoto (2001) at this moment occurs the inversion of the licitatrio process where instead of being open first the envelopes of qualification, as in the too much modalities, of – first the opening of the envelopes I contend the written proposals. According to professor Maral Justen Son (2008), the contrary proposals with the proclamation or the law are declassified and pass to be examined only the proposals whose content if finds inside of the demanded parameters.

' ' To leave from there, it is proceeded you launch it verbal successive to be made for the bidder whom the lesser price presented and for others who have presented prices up to 10% above, until if he classifies the proposal most advantageous for the Administrao' ' (Peixoto, 2001, p.2). In the proclamation, the Administration after to receive the proposals verbal, chooses that one with lesser price and celebrates the contract with the author of it. In accordance with Barossi (2008) the Administration after the definition of the winner proceeds the homologation and adjudication from the proposal before the formalizao the administrative contract, that must be made in compliance with arts. 66 and 67, of the law of licitations. The development of this licitatrio process is exemplificado to follow (Table 1 and Graph 1), with the analysis of the classification and the comparison of prices between them you launch initials and ends made for companies who had participated of a presumption actual proclamation carried through by the City council of a city for the acquisition of fuels for supplying of the vehicles of the same one. Table 1: Final classification of the participant companies of the proclamation and description of the product and its values.