Green Buy Projects

One of the largest geothermal power plants of in Germany is produced with the support of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) sustainability is on the subject of investment. The meltdown of several reactors in Japan, triggered by a natural disaster, recently revealed that only a sustainable way of dealing with nature and with the existing resources can help to avoid enormous, if not irreparable damage. The need is actually aware of all leaders from politics and economics, but the funds often lack, to implement urgently needed projects,”explains Michael Oberle, Board of Directors of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). The SAM AG is focused now on, help finance interesting, promising projects itself on the one hand and on the other hand to offer investment vehicles for their capitalization. We recognize not only the opportunities, we also pay for them”, so the SAM AG Board of Directors. This special projects in the field of renewables are the Swiss SME finance of the SAM AG Energies, as well as the Cleantech segment in the heart. From our point of view, “topics such as environmentally friendly and at the same time efficient generation of energy as well as a meaningful and effective use and distribution are the great challenges of the future, says SAM financing expert.

Exactly these aspects play an important role in the future plans of SAM AG, because geothermal projects are to be implemented in southern Bavaria with the help of other large investors and investors. The SAM AG accompanied the power plants this commitment with the sale of a bond portfolio 2011 No. 1 “of Fatah GeoKraftWerke GmbH. The GeoKraftwerke GmbH is a subsidiary of Fatah geothermal energy GmbH, in which SAM AG is the major shareholder. This in turn, the SAM AG invests in the mega-trend”geothermal energy. With the help of hot water, you want the project Germany”generate not only electricity, but also more than 3,500 households can be supplied with heat.

After all, some 15,000 households could already in the next year the Green Buy electricity”. Other projects of Fatah geothermal energy GmbH are already in planning. But once the financing needs. And because the experts of SAM AG are realists. 1,000 euros can investors in the power plants portfolio 2011 No. 1 “participate in – and that at a fixed annual basic interest rate of 7.25 percent, plus excess interest. Overall, a volume of 50 million euros is planned, with up to four more power plant projects can be implemented. The SAM AG sees great potential in this type of energy generation and therefore has the first project of Fatah geothermal energy GmbH to a large extent – completely independent of the bond – financed with. When Germany goes to the network, it can claim to be one of the largest geothermal power plants in Germany. The SAM AG contributed here to a first-class reference project, whereby investors can get an idea of, what they invest. SAM Board of Directors Oberle hopes this finding as many imitators. That is likely significantly facilitate future rounds of financing. The prospects are very promising, because sustainable investments in the favor of investors now already at the top.

Mr Haack Where do you see the strengths and weaknesses in his trade? (C). Eichler: Mr Haack has a high expertise, a very large experience with over 25 years in the markets and can thus detect very fast current market correlations. He is the soft-facts also able,”over and over again to a successful puzzle to put together. Just the elusive sentiment and market psychology are frequently decisive criteria for the lasting success in the stock market. In addition, Mr Haack responds flexibly to market changes and not stubbornly sticking to a trade. Mr Haack succeeds even in difficult times to maintain his style and avoiding discards his trading strategies. Thus he returns again and again on the road to success, even if the markets temporarily irrational, or at least differently as often run.

Ability at an early stage to identify new trends or short-term turnaround, it happens again and again that Mr Haack speculated something too early in one direction. This ends with the one or other faulty trade, but usually it runs in the anticipated direction. Sometimes acts slightly too impatient Mr Haack and discards his positions before it runs into the port in the desired direction. This is the flip side of the addressed flexibility. These features include but unfortunately to become a good trader. had to can investors in the previous Tradinghistorie cope with what drawdown risk? C. Eichler: Average drawdowns in trading the Dax future lie in the range of 600 points, so 15,000 euros.

The 30% are related to an account size of 50,000 euros, an investor must not only expect, he has can handle easily, if he wants to participate in the trading of Mr Haack successfully in the long term. In the EuroStoxx, comparable drawdowns are to attract 4,000 euros. save what real effort the customer by offering subscribers, to translate the signals from Mr Haack on a managed account?

Financial Crisis

Translation of financial texts, interpreters, euro crisis by the downgrading of creditworthiness of major industrial countries on the part of the rating agencies are looking for alternatives for your investments and assets many investors. In times of globalisation spread trends and rumors in a matter of seconds over the entire globe. And if English is the most widely used language in the financial sector, enough work for the translation of financial texts, for example, in French, Dutch, Norwegian, Croatian, Japanese etc. remains for translators “” Translation press release credit German Norwegian text translation raw materials by the Germans in the Dutch translation of rating agencies English Maltese translation credit from German into the Turkish round to the topic of euro crisis quickly a whole bunch of new language which you had not even a year ago in the daily repertoire: euro crisis “, debt brake” or bankruptcy make it sometimes on the front seats at the word of the year. It is the translators to transfer new and familiar language habits in the target language. Translation on the subject of debt crisis German Spanish of economic translators debt Dutch Serbian Portuguese translation budget press release translation Sentix sentiment from English into German in search of countries in the field of vision, who have a wealth of raw materials come new investment opportunities for investors. Here the acronym CARBS has become now, which stands for the countries of Canada (Canada), Australia, Russia, Brazil and South Africa. A simultaneous interpreter, who appears unprepared or without training at a Conference and not familiar with CARBS, is located in an extremely awkward position.

Ideally, he will just say CARBS, and that here no carbs can be meant, he will see hopefully spontaneously. If this example somewhat by the hair appears far-fetched, illustrates but clearly, how important is it for translators and interpreters to be terminology always up to date by regularly following the relevant trade press. Translation of specialized German Portuguese German to Afrikaans translation minerals German Russian translation gas supplies English Portuguese translation titled oil translator dealing with financial translations on the subject of raw materials, must bring an in-depth technical understanding in terms of investment on the one hand, but also have expertise in geology. Scientific translation coal German Portuguese geology translation potash English German Dutch French translation uranium, German Chinese Russian translator for texts on the subject of gas pipelines bauxite Russian translation Portuguese oil Polish text translation is German for the correctness assumed no responsibility / liability.

Shipping Funds

Shock for investors by ship investments and real estate fund “With the Sparkassen financial concept you get an individually prepared solution for your finances, which adapts to your life.” Now more and more bank customers need to know what is behind this advertiser trust slogan of German savings banks, followed investment recommendations of its savings banks and invested in ship funds: pure Commission interests of savings banks, which have collected up to 14% of the investor money as commissions for the mediation of ship funds, behind the backs of their customers. So the Sparkasse Hildesheim admitted recently our clients compared to a providing a participation in the MPC fund 376 “open product tanker fleet” to receive 14% of the subscribed capital of the investor as a Commission. Also the Berliner Sparkasse has collected vigorously for the mediation of MPC ship funds. Also she received 14% Commission, because one of their clients on their recommendation drew a participation in the MPC Fund “CPO 2 North America ships”. Other Sparkassen and landesbanken have benefited significantly from commissions. Sparkasse Stakenburg had received, for example, 6.8% Commission for communicating by shares in the Hannover leasing fund no.

177 “Maritime values 3”. At the Sparkasse Jena-Saale Holzland flowed 7.5% for the mediation of a stake in the real estate fund “HGA Mitteleuropa V”. 8% received the Bremer Landesbank for communicating a participation in the life insurance secondary market fund “return on life plus II” emission House MPC. Respectively 8% and 1% for the Advisory staff wants the Sparkasse Gummersbach each providing investments to the HCI ship Fund V, the Dr. Peters of return fund 109 VLCC Saturn glory and the Dr. Peters of yield Fund 111 have received. Flowing commissions were informed the savings bank customers in the context of advice not over at the savings bank, the savings bank must replace the damage inflicted by the participation of affected investors the Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof. This means that the investors their invested capital will be returned and the wrong Advisory Bank in return receives the share of funds.

In most cases, further advice errors are added, which improves the chances of a judicial enforcement of claims for damages. Participation in ship funds was thus recommended many customers of Sparkasse untruthfully as a safe investment for retirement provision, this type of highly speculative investment risks were concealed. Do you have questions to your ship funds? Want to know whether you can pursue claims for damages with success? Call us at. We know how to get to your right. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855